Print Anything on the Fly With Your Smartphone Using the droPrinter

Print Anything on the Fly With Your Smartphone Using the droPrinter

Today’s printers are fast, but most are bulky. They’re stuck in one place and you have to physically be within the area to use it (even when connected to a network).

But what if you need to print something in the middle of a meeting or during a commute?

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The Portable Smartphone Printer

The droPrinter is a very compact, powerful smartphone printer. It is a standalone device that works with your mobile to produce images, lists and drawings. Using thermal paper, a very common type found at most print stores in the city or online, you’ll be able to create endless amounts of paper-based content.

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Easy To Use, Almost Too Easy

Most people associate the printing experience to be slow and frustrating. But with the droPrinter, it’s not. To get started, make sure the device and your smartphone are on. You’ll have to pair the two during the first session, but after that they should connect automatically.

Next, open the content you want to print and you’re good to go! The unit is designed for convenience and allows you to print virtually anywhere. You could print your to-do list every morning on the way to work. Instead of writing your weekly grocery list, simply push it out via the droPrinter. Because the device prints quickly, you can always add something to the list or make revisions on the move. No more stressing about final copies.

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Superior Battery Support

The unit runs on a rechargeable battery that sustains over 120 hours of printing or seven hours continuously. At that pace, you’ll only need to plug the device in to charge around four times a month for conservative users.

Overall, the droPrinter is a must-have accessory for busy individuals. The small size and direct printing features are incredibly useful and can be used to supplement heavily scheduled workflows.

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