RESERVOIR KANISTER collection review: automotive-inspired watches for vintage car fans

Rev up your style with the RESERVOIR KANISTER watch collection—a tribute to the iconic Porsche 356 Speedster. Embrace vintage automotive elegance on your wrist!

RESERVOIR KANISTER collection review: automotive-inspired watches for vintage car fans
The RESERVOIR KANISTER Collection is inspired by the 356 Speedster

Match your love for classic cars and racing with the right timepieces, the watches in the RESERVOIR KANISTER collection. These automotive-inspired watches are replicas of the RPM meter on the 356 Speedster.

I don’t know about you, but when I look at a Porsche 356 Speedster, I’m swept up with enthusiasm. These coupes are beautiful in their simplicity and are an enduring symbol of automotive design.

So, if you’re a vintage sports car collector or enthusiast, you’ll love the RESERVOIR KANISTER watch collection. Its look is inspired by the 356 Speedster’s RPM meter and even won a 2022 Red Dot for Product Design award.

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A 356 Speedster-inspired design

The RESERVOIR KANISTER collection’s most important feature is its Speedster-inspired design. Created for car fans, the watch face calls to mind the RPM counter of the legendary vehicle. From its pastel-green minute indexes to its red area, this collection makes you feel like you’re in a 356 Speedster all day long.

There are other sleek touches, too, like a leather strap reminiscent of the bucket seats of the time and a titanium case with polished finishes. Meanwhile, the font of the watch’s letters and numbers accurately match that of the original RPM meter and are emblematic of the era.

Overall, if you’re a car enthusiast or enjoy vintage design, this watch collection has what you want. It keeps a classic car design right on your wrist.

A polished titanium case

Let’s talk a bit more about the titanium case. At 41.5 mm, it’s easy to read and wear. The titanium material, of course, ensures durability and extended use. This is a watch you can pass down through the generations.

Not only that, but the titanium also has a polished finish, which gives it a lustrous shine in any light. A black dial contrasts it, showing off its beauty.

A self-winding mechanical caliber

Meanwhile, these automotive-inspired watches feature a new movement, the RESERVOIR RSV-240. It’s a self-winding mechanical caliber and has a 56-hour power reserve.

Also, it’s comprised of a patented 3-complication module paired with a manufactured movement. The movement is Swiss-made, so it has all the power and quality you expect from a top-tier watch.

Retrograde time-telling

Then, the collection also presents time in a modern way. The minute feature is retrograde, moving along an arc instead of a full circle.

Also, the hour is jumping. So, instead of staying in continuous motion, the hour hand jumps to the next hour at the beginning of each hour.

This means that, although the dial looks like an RPM meter, telling time is easy on this collection. You won’t have to second-guess yourself when you look at the dial.

A 5 ATM water-resistance rating

Surprisingly, these automotive-inspired watches have a pretty respectable water-resistance rating. Rated 5 ATM, they can withstand pressures equal to about 50 meters, or 164 feet under water.

They are luxury gadgets that can survive a dip underwater and are suitable for daily wear. Handwashing, showering, and bathing are all okay.

A black leather strap

Just as important as the other watch components is the strap. These automotive-inspired watches have a black leather strap with a 20 mm width and black stitching.

I, myself, prefer watches with a leather strap. They’re flexible, comfortable, and natural—so it’s easy for me to wear them all day without any hassle or discomfort.

Even better, they develop a unique patina with age and use, ensuring that your watch fits you and your life.

Moreover, some of the watches in the collection come with 3 leather straps in Black, Havana, and Santa. Thanks to the quick-release spring bars, changing straps is a breeze.

A wooden watch box

A prestigious watch should come in an equally impressive box, no? The watches from the RESERVOIR KANISTER Collection come in a beautiful wooden box.

Like the collection, the box is sleek in its simplicity. It has a minimal black design with the watch set in the center.

The box stores your watch when you aren’t wearing it, protecting it from scratches, nicks, and drops. It ensures that the watch you purchase stays nice for generations to come.

So, if you have a son or a nephew, it’s an excellent timepiece to pass down once they graduate or land their first real job.

Celebrations of an era

After diving into the details of the RESERVOIR KANISTER collection, it’s clear that these watches aren’t just timepieces; they’re celebrations of an era, a statement of style, and a fusion of classic automotive design with Swiss watchmaking.

As a vintage car enthusiast myself, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the thoughtful details that mirror the Porsche 356 Speedster.

But, beyond the nods to the past, these watches offer modern functionality—the retrograde time-telling and impressive water resistance ensure practicality alongside the vintage charm.

So, whether you’re a car lover, a vintage design enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the fusion of history and modernity, these watches might just be the ideal companion.

Get the RESERVOIR KANISTER collection starting at $4,500.

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