9 amazing accessories for all the retro gamers

Tetris. Space Invaders. Super Mario. While pixel-perfect graphics hold some appeal, nothing beats the classics. Here are some awesome accessories for all you retro gamers.

9 amazing accessories for all the retro gamers
  • What is retro gaming? Anything that relates to consoles of yesterday can be described as retro.
  • Are 8-bit games boring? Not in the slightest. In fact, they are often more challenging than modern titles.
  • What are the best gadgets for gamers? Check out our full collection, and keep reading for retro goodness.

Long before birds became angry and clans began to clash, gaming was more down to earth. While SNES and Mega Drive games lack the polish of modern titles, they still hold a special place in our hearts. To celebrate all things pixelated, here’s a roundup of our favorite accessories for retro gamers.

Tiny Arcade Retro Playable Game Cabinet

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Tiny Arcade pocket console

It looks like a model, but this tiny transparent console is completely playable. You can even add new games via the SD card slot. (Price: $59.95 USD)

PocketSprite Portable Retro Gaming Device

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PocketSprite keychain console

Another very small console is the PocketSprite. This keychain accessory lets you play GameBoy and Game Gear titles on the move. It also has Wi-Fi, so you can download more games. (Price: $54.95 USD)

Wanle Retro Gamers Console iPhone Case

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Wanle gaming iPhone case

This Wanle case is a must-have gaming accessory for iPhone owners. It protects your Apple device, and gives you access to 10 retro titles, including Tetris, Formula One Racing, and Tank. (Price: $19.95 USD)

Nintendo Monopoly

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Nintendo Monopoly (Credit: TTPM Toy Reviews)

Had enough screen time? The Nintendo edition of Monopoly lets you build your fortune with your favorite characters. Never before has anyone built a hotel on Samus Aran. (Price: $44.96 USD)

[tweet_box]While pixel-perfect graphics hold some appeal, nothing beats the classics. Here are some awesome accessories for all the retro gamers.[/tweet_box]

Atari VCS Retro Video Computer System

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Atari VCS console

After many long years in the wilderness, Atari is making a comeback. This amazing retro console allows you to enjoy retro games at 4K resolution, along with modern indie titles and other entertainment. (Price: $239 USD, pre-order)

8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick Controller

retro gamers 05

8Bitdo classic controller

While modern controllers are good for subtle movements, nothing beats a full-size joystick. This arcade-style controller from 8Bitdo lets you mash buttons like old times. It works with PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. (Price: $59.99 USD)

Nintendo Game Over Game Boy Alarm Clock

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Official GameBoy alarm clock

What better way to start the day than with the Super Mario Land theme tune? This alarm clock is made for retro gamers, and it’s official Nintendo merchandise. (Price: $32.99 USD, pre-order)

Space Invaders MacBook Decal

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Space Invaders decal

You can’t get any more retro than Space Invaders. Made from high-quality film with matte black coloring, these decals will add some classic 8-bit style to your laptop. (Price: $9.18 USD)

ThinkGeek Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

retro gamers 06

Super Mario rolling pin

After an intense gaming session, you might need some snacks. This rolling pin adds Super Mario characters to your cooking, including Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario, and many more. (Price: $19.99 USD)

BONUS: Polymega Modular Retro Game Console

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Polymega retro console

The Polymega is not available yet. But when it arrives, this amazing machine will be the ultimate platform for retro gaming. Using a special adapter system, the console will be able to take original game cartridges. It will also have a disk drive for more modern titles. (Price: $249.99 USD, coming soon)

Retro gamers paradise

We have several retro gamers here at the Gadget Flow, so this roundup is close to our hearts.

What is your favorite retro game of all time? Tell us in the comments!

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