Ring: Just When You Think Your House Couldn’t Get Any Smarter

Ring: Just When You Think Your House Couldn’t Get Any Smarter

I’m sure everybody has heard of the smart home idea by now; connecting all the electric devices into one main smart hub so you can control different appliances via your smartphone for added efficiency and convenience. Nest was one of the first to make huge strides in this area and we’ve seen many new technologies since then. It’s all about offering a streamlined, accessible system so we, the consumers, can expend less effort while also accomplishing more. I’ll be honest, I thought all the bases had been covered. Thermostat, light bulbs, security systems, even smart TVs might be considered a part of this. But one forward thinking individual remembered the often used yet never improved part of every house: the doorbell. With Ring, you are one step closer to complete home of the future.



The Ring is a rather odd looking device, especially compared to the antiquated technology it’s replacing. Doorbells have always been simple, unobtrusive, frankly just boring because honestly, who would care what their doorbell looks like? The Ring makes it quite obvious it packs some serious technology; a wide form factor with black on top, silver on bottom draws attention to the video camera up top and keeps it looking stylish with a few unusual color choices for the bottom half. It really is made with a door’s build material in mind so you get some mature colors along with the safe silver.

It’s also made with user installation in mind so the back makes it easy to install. There’s also a well made step by step guide to installing it yourself so you can make quick work of it.


What It Does

The Ring‘s potential is amazing and as a homeowner, I can really see the value in owning such a device. You connect the Ring to your WiFi network, install the company’s app on your phone and you can now see when anyone comes to your door with motion activated streaming and potentially recording if you purchase the optional cloud service. As someone who has had packages go missing, this means you’ll be alerted when the package arrives because the delivery person will activate the motion sensors and you’ll also be aware if anyone starts sniffing around your package.

And in case you’re worried about your Ring going missing if someone is really committed to stealing your package, the Ring comes with super strong anchors and a free replacement if someone does manage to get your Ring. Either way, having seen their face on video and recorded them, you’ll have some excellent evidence to aid in any investigation. For $199, the Ring provides security and peace of mind…and you won’t have to get up for the doorbell ever again.

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