With pages made of stone, the Rock Book is something special

Ever since wood pulp replaced papyrus, people across the world have written on paper. Now, there is a new material in town.

  • Notebooks have seen some impressive innovation in recent years. For instance, many now sync with the cloud.
  • Another example is Lockbook — a security-conscious journal that can only be opened by your fingerprint.
  • With pages made from stone, Rock Book is a remarkable new offering. It makes your notes waterproof.

In our digitally-minded world, there are many reasons to like paper. It’s nice to receive physical feedback as your pen wanders over the page. Paper also has texture and a far higher contrast ratio than any touchscreen. Some bookworms even like the smell of the pages. But for all the benefits, paper does have some practical disadvantages. In particular, most notebooks are vulnerable to water, and their pages tear easily. But you won’t have any such problems with the imSTONE Rock Book. With pages made from wafer-thin rock, this innovative notebook offers something special.

Smart stone

In the search for a paper replacement, most of us wouldn’t instantly think of stone. It’s usually pretty hard and inflexible. Plus, carrying a sliced boulder around in your pocket doesn’t sound that appealing.

But the imSTONE notebook is nothing like that. In fact, you wouldn’t ever realize these pages are made from rock. They flex and fold just like paper. You can write on them with a normal pen and even add your own prints.

However, the stone does have some major advantages over paper. Firstly, the surface is entirely waterproof. You can spill your coffee over this notebook umpteen times and never lose your work. The pages are also very durable, and they are naturally white. As a result, no unpleasant chemicals are used in the production process.

something special 04

Delightful details

That’s not the only eco-friendliness going on here. Using rock is far more sustainable than cutting down trees. The folks at imSTONE don’t even use water to create their notebook. The end result is a remarkably clean and pragmatic product.

Something special

The Rock Book offers 128 pages, bound within a striking geometric cover. There are two versions to choose from: gray and pure white. The gray notebook offers pages with grids and dot patterns. In contrast, the white book provides lines and dots.

something special 06

Two options: gray and white

Another advantage of stone paper is that it works really well with Frixion pens. For the uninitiated, these brilliant ballpoints deliver ink that can be scrubbed away using the integrated eraser. With the Rock Book, you can capture notes using a document scanning app and then remove your work. So in theory, this notebook is endlessly reusable.

something special 02

The all-important stone paper

There are two sizes of Rock Book to choose from. The regular version measures 5.8 × 8.25 inches — a good compromise between portability and writing room. When space is at a premium, the passport-sized Rock Book provides a smaller option.

It’s recommended that Rock Book owners stick to using ballpoint pens with oil-based inks. This may be a problem for certain creative people, such as typographers and illustrators. But for most of us, stone looks like the new paper.

“The entire Rock Book, from cover to cover, is made of stone paper, which is totally waterproof, mothproof, and yet bleach-free and eco-friendly.”

“Rock Book is a Red Dot Award 2016 winner. If you do not know what stone paper is, we urge you to try this book and discover how stone paper can elevate your handwriting experience.” — imSTONE on IndieGoGo

something special 03

The cover has a useful pocket

Set in stone

We really like this idea. A pen offers a deeper connection with your thoughts than any keyboard, and this notebook makes handwriting truly pragmatic.

Future upgrades

We would love to see a version for artists. It’s also a shame that you have to pick between the colors based on the page design. Share the gridlines around, please!


– IndieGoGo: Until 18th March

– Pledge: $28 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get a free passport-sized notebook!

– Delivery: May 2018


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