Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Is Something Special

Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Is Something Special

Microsoft has been churning out an impressive line of hardware for a while now. In particular, the Surface Pro tablet-laptop hybrid has been a hit with the buying public. This week, Microsoft unveiled another Surface device. The new Surface Laptop is fast, extremely slim and powered by a brand new flavor of Windows.

– The new Surface Laptop is aimed at college students.

– It has a 13.5-inch screen and the same premium fabric keyboard as the Surface Pro 4

– The device runs Windows S, an operating system to challenge Chromebooks

New Surface Laptop

Many laptops look like tablets nowadays, and many tablets pretend to be laptops. The new Surface Laptop is somewhere on the laptop side of this gray area. The 13.5-inch device is made for busy students who need something powerful and portable.

New Surface Laptop

Unlike the Surface Pro, the Surface Laptop has a true clamshell design. The premium fabric keyboard is firmly attached to the screen, although it can be removed. You can prop open the hinge at the ideal angle and type on your lap.

The Laptop has a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, packed with 3.4 million pixels. Furthermore, Microsoft says this is the thinnest LCD touch display ever to be used in a laptop. Under the hood, the latest Intel i5 and i7 processors balance power and battery life. According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop can keep going for 14.5 hours straight. That is better than any Macbook Air.

New Surface Laptop

[tweet_box]The new Surface Laptop is fast, extremely slim and also powered by a brand new flavor of Windows.[/tweet_box]

In addition, Microsoft has released a brand new operating system for this device. Windows 10 S is much lighter than the Pro version, and it is aimed at education. You can only download software from the Windows Store, but login is much swifter. Alternatively, users can pay to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

New Surface Laptop

”Surface Laptop provides the perfect blend of texture, subtle details, and clean, elegant lines — plus the luxurious touch of our Signature Alcantara material-covered keyboard.” –

What we ❤️

A hybrid laptop that truly delivers the best of both worlds. It also has a monstrous battery life.

New Surface Laptop Review

Room for improvement

The fabric-covered keyboard still divides opinion, and the $999 price tag is scary for most students.


The Surface Laptop is arriving on June 15, with prices starting at $999. There are four colors to choose from, and the most expensive model is $2,199.

Would you rather invest in the new Microsoft Surface Laptop or the Surface Pro? Let us know in the comments!

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