These romantic gadgets will have you feeling the Valentine’s Day love

Romance means different things for different people. For some, it's receiving flowers, chocolate, or a card on Valentine's Day. For others, it's simply a reminder to have a date night, to spend some time with each other outside of the house, work, and kids. But if you're looking to do a little something extra this year, we have just the romantic gift you need.

These romantic gadgets will have you feeling the Valentine’s Day love
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Chances are, you’ve at least heard of the five love languages. If you haven’t, you should probably take a look at this article on the five love languages to see which one you are. (Words of affirmation and gifts, over here.) When you know what language to speak with your partner, it makes all the difference in your communication style. And knowing how to make your partner feel valued by using their language and not yours makes for a stronger relationship. When you think about romantic gadgets, you might need to expand upon what you would normally think of.

Not everyone wants chocolate or a card or flowers. And it’s important to also think about your partner’s life and how to show them love by reducing stress. For many of us, that’s a big thing. We’ve rounded up some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re looking to give your partner something outside the box this year.

Valentine’s Day romantic gadget gifts to benefit you both

Milktape USB Mixtape Flash Drive is an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day

Remember how fun it was to make a mixtape for someone? Choosing the perfect songs was a labor of love that was made totally worth it when you saw their face and watched them listen to the tunes you picked just for them. With the Milktape USB Mixtape Flash Drive, you can bring that feeling back. This USB flash drive comes in the shape of a cassette tape, complete with a clear plastic case. And you can personalize the label and cover with a sentiment, song lists, or drawings. The 16GB version holds 3500+ songs, and the 128MB version holds 10-15—just like a real cassette.

TileRec Mini Voice-Activated Recorder lets you record love messages

Are words of affirmation your partner’s love language? Want to leave them some messages? The TileRec Mini Voice-Activated Recorder is the answer you’re looking for. The latest voice recorder designed by ATTO DIGITAL, this small, discreet, and efficient gadget encompasses the ideal balance between form and function. This MP3 voice recorder is so slim and small, it can fit almost anywhere you can think of. Slide it in their pocket or wallet (and you can find some great wallet gift ideas here), between the pages of their planner, on their desk, or just leave it on their pillow.

The COP by Tracer Security Covert Pepper Spray Carrier keeps your loved one safe

The COP by Tracer Security Covert Pepper Spray Carrier gives you a surprise advantage when confronted by an attacker. Unlike other carriers, this case doesn’t announce that it’s pepper spray. Additionally, you can hold it like a clutch, or you can clip it to your purse for easy access. This carry method will allow you to carry your pepper spray discreetly with your finger on the activation button. An integrated four-LED light will light up your path and works well as an aiming device.

townew Self-Changing Trash Can seals garbage bags so you won’t fight over it

By using the townew Self-Changing Trash Can, you’ll eliminate a couple of the most frustrating parts of your home garbage can and splitting the chores. This self-sealing trash can automatically close garbage bags when they’re full. This incredible design means you won’t encounter any leaking, overfull trash bags, or any spills. Additionally, you won’t have foul odors filling up your kitchen because this automatic trash can keeps smells in. No fights over who didn’t take the stinky garbage out, since you won’t be able to smell it. And when it’s time to empty the trash, the townew seals the thermoplastic bag. Thanks to the overload feature, it can even seal the bag properly when the trash is overflowing.

Maps of the World Custom Map Wall Art reminds you where you met

Truly personalize your space with the Maps of the World Custom Map Wall Art. With your choice of location, you can put anywhere in the world into a poster. Using the custom tool, you can pick any place on the planet. From there, you’ll zoom in, zoom out, and get it just right. Once your place is finalized, easily highlight the location with one 13 different custom map markers. In addition, choose from more than 50 predefined color schemes or even create your own.

TWYSTR Tornado Diffuser helps you set the mood

The TWYSTR Tornado Diffuser allows you to enjoy it in more ways than one. This transparent diffuser combines art and function to enhance multiple senses. At nine inches tall and four inches in diameter, this swirling diffuser makes watching your essential oils diffuse a beautiful experience. You aren’t limited to just smelling the lavender anymore because the TWYSTR lets you see it. It even has an LED light in case you want a little brightness at any time. Made of borosilicate glass, the TWYSTR powers via USB, allowing it to easily integrate with your other electronics.

TheChefClub Super Sharp Knives will let you spend time together making a meal

Make no compromises in your kitchen when you use TheChefClub Super Sharp Knives. Dull knives aren’t just inefficient; they’re also more dangerous. TheChefClub Knives include a paring, utility, chef, santoku, bread, and boning knife. Each one serves an invaluable purpose for all your kitchen prep. And, these knives don’t just perform well; they also look good doing it. There are also four finish options to choose from. Incredibly, TheChefClub Knives require no special treatment or maintenance. Instead, you can focus on the joy and fun of cooking and spending time with your partner.

Valentine’s Day romantic gadget gifts for him

High Camp Halflight 375 Steel Travel Flask keeps him in booze

Enjoy your favorite tipple on the go with the High Camp Halflight 375 Steel Travel Flask. Holding half a bottle of your favorite liquor, the 375mL flask is one of the cool gifts for men that features double-wall vacuum insulation. Pairing with the silicone seal, this makes the stainless steel flask totally leak-proof. And, this construction also maintains the temperature for a full 24 hours. When it’s time to mix things up, use the included 6-Shooter Tumbler to serve up something tasty. Ideal for treks and adventures, the Halflight 375 flask and tumbler set lock together magnetically, so one is never without the other.

HOUNDSBAY Admiral Dresser Valet Box keeps him organized

Keep your everyday essentials in one place with the HOUNDSBAY Admiral Dresser Valet Box. This organizer makes it easy to remember where your belongings are, such as keys, wallets, phones, coins, watches, and rings. Designed to provide an organized space for items you carry in your pocket, Admiral Dresser Vallet is one of the cool gifts for men that provides multiple compartments. In fact, it even comes with an extra-large compartment for your smartphone with charging cord notches at the top and bottom.

Valentine’s Day romantic gadget gifts for her

Emmesphere Wireless Sound Necklaces lets her listen to music on anywhere

Listen to music straight from your jewelry with the Emmesphere Wireless Sound Necklaces. This fashionable necklace comes with integrated wireless headphones so you can enjoy music and calls on the go. In addition, you can easily change your look thanks to the interchangeable magnetic jewelry piece from Emmesphere’s Qliq! Collection.  Emmesphere’s maiden lineup of necklaces currently includes Emmesphere and Lovesphere sound necklaces, complete with wireless headphones feature and interchangeable jewelry pieces. The collection offers eight designs and different colors, with more along the way.

Radian Women’s Deep Pocket Jeans have better pockets

What woman doesn’t enjoy pockets? Enjoy a comfortable yet functional pair of jeans with the Radian Women’s Deep Pocket Jeans. These stylish jeans are equipped with loads of features to enhance your style and keep you totally comfortable. Radian Jeans solve one of the biggest issues of most women’s jeans: small pockets. Instead, these deep pockets have plenty of space for your smartphone, wallet, and any accessories you need to carry every day. In addition, the back pockets feature a secure flap, so nothing will inadvertently fall out.

Hopefully, you’ve found something on this list of romantic gadgets and expand your ideas about what a romantic gadget might entail. (Trust me, she’s going to go gaga over jeans that have better pockets.) Most importantly, think about your partner and what they would really appreciate. Maybe it’s the new book they’ve had their eye on, or a video game accessory. Whatever you do, be sure to show them you put some thought into it. So, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Anything special? Or is it just another day for you?

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