Samsung’s Digital Cockpit transforms your vehicle into an entertainment hub

The Samsung Digital Cockpit is an entertainment hub we can get behind: it features a high-tech screen, sound system, along with a smart health service that monitors your stress levels. Keep reading to discover more of this new Samsung launch highlights.

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit transforms your vehicle into an entertainment hub
Samsung’s Digital Cockpit design

Samsung has unveiled the Digital Cockpit at the CES 2021 virtual event. You may have previously seen this concept back in 2018, but the company has just released its top features: a 49-inch QLED display, sound system, 5G technology, and much more. All in all, you can incorporate it into your vehicle, creating an entertainment hub for passengers to enjoy on the road.

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The main idea behind this high-tech product? It creates an audio and visual experience that’s immersive while allowing you to communicate with the world around you.

Sports a 49-inch display and 5G technology

The Samsung Digital Cockpit combines a 49-inch QLED display with a sound system to make your audio and visual content more immersive. With the combination of these technologies, you can enjoy a customized entertainment experience. In fact, the Cockpit’s display quality is one of its top highlights that transforms the vehicle into a convenient space. In addition, it comes with 5G technology. Therefore, you can utilize these features without any interruptions.

Samsung Digital Cockpit

Samsung Digital Cockpit’s entertainment system

Use as a mobile office

If you’re working from home and need an alternative space to remain productive or entertained, the Samsung Digital Cockpit is your solution. In fact, it can support all kinds of work. This includes video conferences, features for charging your gadgets, and ample space to remain comfortable while you work. And it even includes tools, so you can edit video clips. Plus, you can work comfortably from your car with hardware that can support mobile productivity.

Focuses on health and safety

And to ensure that you’re healthy while you work or are on the road, the Samsung Digital Cockpit boasts an array of health services. This includes analyzing and monitoring your health status before boarding. Once inside, it’ll then regularly track your stress levels. Best of all, what it does with this data is incredible: it’ll adjust the lighting, scent, or music to help you feel more relaxed. But not so relaxed that you became in danger behind the wheel. It’ll analyze the movements of your eyelids to keep you awake and ensure that you don’t suddenly fall asleep.

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit in action

In addition, the Digital Cockpit provides assistance on the road with regular scans and checks. The 360 Vision Monitoring System recognizes cars and pedestrians in real-time thanks to the four cameras and deep learning technology. By notifying you of everything it sees, it’ll help to minimize accidents on the road.

Samsung Digital Cockpit

Exterior of the Samsung Digital Cockpit

Features a user-friendly design

Overall, the Samsung Digital Cockpit is equipped with an array of high-tech features and is user-friendly. In particular, the rear center armrest includes a touch-based control pad. This allows passengers to adjust functions via simple gestures. And the controls will then automatically disappear when nobody is using them, helping to modernize the interior’s look.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s new launch? Is this something you can imagine using? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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