This sanitizing device kills bacteria and charges your phone

It's virtually impossible to escape germs and bacteria on everyday items. But with so many germs around us, there has to be a way to eliminate them. Fortunately, the Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device kills bacteria on phones, earbuds, sunglasses, earrings, and everything else that can fit in its chamber. Continue reading to discover how it works and how it'll fit into your daily routine.

This sanitizing device kills bacteria and charges your phone
Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device in white

The typical smartphone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch. This is dirtier than a public doorknob and even a toilet seat. And this is just one of the many everyday essentials you touch regularly. What about pens, jewelry, sunglasses, gloves, etc.? Although antibacterial wipes and sprays can eliminate these surface germs, they’re not an eco-friendly solution—and they can cost a fortune with daily use.

Bacteria and germs can flood your devices and accessories without you even realizing it. And you don’t need to have OCD or be a cleaning fanatic to care. These germs can transfer to our bodies, making us sick—especially if you have a weak immune system. But before you panic and rush to scrub a layer off of everything you’ve ever touched, there’s a simpler, more effective answer: the Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device. It boasts an eight-minute cleaning cycle that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and you can use it on almost anything—including electrical items.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

Bacteria is all around us, and—while some are good—it’s essential to tame the harmful sort. When bacteria enters the human body, it can cause infections, such as sore throats, cavities, ear infections, and pneumonia. And viruses can lead to flu, chickenpox, measles, and other diseases. We can’t see bacteria and viruses, so obliterating them can be a guessing game. But this sanitizing device can. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in eight minutes. This gadget uses two UV-C lights to break down hazardous organic genetic material, using a biocidal wavelength of 254 nm. Furthermore, it features four UV-C LEDs to target bacteria and viruses with a wavelength of up to 275 nm. These lights work in unison to immerse light pressure inside of the device with over four watts of pressure in total.

The UV-C LEDs naturally produce an optimum amount of ozone that weakens cell walls, thus killing any bacteria and viruses that the human eye can’t see. And, to speed up the sanitizing process, the chamber is coated with titanium dioxide that boosts the UV-C light and ozone’s efficacy.

Use this sanitizing device whenever you get several spare minutes or come home from work. Simply place your items inside and press the touch-sensitive button for the magic to begin. Relax and enjoy a coffee, and the device will give you germ-free results.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Removing an item from Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Sanitizes multiple items

This sanitizing device is compatible with virtually any item that’ll fit inside, which includes electronic gadgets. It has enough room for multiple items, too: two phones, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, AirPods, masks, and everything else that requires sanitizing. Therefore, you don’t need to sanitize only one item at a time. If you’re concerned that cramming in various accessories will impact its effectiveness, don’t be. The textured bottom allows the UV-C light to access every angle. So you don’t have to pause the process to rotate items inside. And more items won’t lengthen the sanitizing process either.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device on a table

Offers a speedy sanitization solution

If you don’t have eight minutes to kill, this sanitizing device allows you to remove your items after only four minutes. At this point, the sanitization process is substantially complete. Once you open the lid to retrieve your device, it’ll immediately turn off the UV-C light. This way, your eyes will always remain shielded from its effect. In fact, it’s safe to keep around children, too.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device with a man and woman

Charges three devices with wireless capability

If Einova Mundus Pro isn’t impressive enough, it features a Qi-certified fast wireless charging dock that powers three devices simultaneously. It features two 10W fast wireless charging spots and an 18W USB-A Quick Charge port. Plus, you needn’t worry that the UV-C light will penetrate your phone when it’s on top of the device and cause damage, because the device doesn’t allow any light to escape. This feature is great for charging your Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, and phones.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device charging phones

Keeps the whole family safe

I’m always looking for new ways to keep my home and items clean. The Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device is an effective, safe, and unintimidating gadget that I can trust and imagine stowing in my living room. Plus, its sleek design will blend into my home. Aside from sanitizing your phone, AirPods, and other accessories, it can provide a home for small items, such as earrings, to prevent you from losing them. You can keep it in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere with a plug nearby.

Preorder the Einova Mundus Pro from Kickstarter for $79. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. What other ways do you keep germs at bay in your home and on your everyday items?

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