Smart kids’ gadgets even adults can’t say no to

If we're being honest, most kids' toys are boring—at least to us adults. And we know you want your littles to be engaged by things that you find interesting, too. That's why you should check out these smart kids' gadgets that even adults can't say no to. Because this summer's gonna be a long one, and you'll want to find smart ways to keep your children busy.

Smart kids’ gadgets even adults can’t say no to
Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Wand in Use

If you’re a parent, you’re probably aware that school—virtual school, anyway—is out for summer. How will you fill those endless sunny days when camps, pools, and playgrounds can’t offer you any respite? By falling back on some of these smart kids’ gadgets, of course!

You want to give your kids the best summer experiences possible every year. But summer 2020 is going to be a little different. The kids are undoubtedly stuck at home without the structure online learning gave them in the spring. What’s a parent to do? You could engage the kiddos with some of the latest innovations in play, like kids’ gadgets and toys that even you might be tempted to pick up and fiddle with for thirty minutes or so.

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Kids still need to play no matter what’s going on outside. And as a parent, you need a break. A gadget like one of these might just let you catch that 20-minute coffee and Pinterest-scrolling breather you need. And when you’re done, you can join in on the fun. Who can resist a three-dimensional game that lights up so the whole family can play at night? Or a coding wand that’s based on Harry Potter? I know I can’t.

The point is, you want your kids to have fun this summer. These smart kids’ gadgets provide a clever way to do that.

ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy

Did your kids’ language camp get canceled this summer? Get them a ROYBI Smart Language-Teaching Kids Toy. This educational toy uses AI and STEM techniques for a personalized learning system. ROYBI is a conversational companion that can interact vocally with your child. It’ll help those with speech disorders and improve skills in a second or third language.

HugPhones Hugging Headphones

Ease transitions for your kids all year long with the HugPhones Hugging Headphones. Even adults can’t resist these soft, cuddly headphones in the shape of a panda bear. With Bluetooth connectivity, padded earmuffs, passive noise cancellation, and a memory foam neck rest, this gadget helps keep little ones calm wherever your family goes.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Coding Kit

Another of our smart kids’ gadgets is the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Coding Kit. Let your kids practice coding one of the five included robots—each of which has their own story. The drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch and Python helps anyone learn the technology. You might just find yourself playing as much as the kids.

Dreams Come True Vision Board Set

Get your kids thinking about the future with the Dreams Come True Vision Board Set. Complete with 100 dream ideas, this is the modern way to develop a vision board. This set helps adults and kids put their light-bulb ideas on display and complements modern and stylish décor.

Dreams Come True Vision Board Set

Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot

Have you ever wished your home had a built-in playmate for your kids? Now it can with the Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot. The Moxie robot can be a friend and teacher to your child since it uses play-based learning techniques to help your child build social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Its teaching methods are based on weekly themes. And you can track your child’s progress through your smartphone.

Mochi Robot LEGO-Compatible Screenless Coding

Want to get your kids a toy that doesn’t rely on a screen? The Mochi Screenless Coding Robot is one of our smart kids’ gadgets that fits the bill. It teaches coding without a screen, following the storylines of the 12 books that follow the adventures of Mochi Bear. This game teaches your kids the must-have skills of tomorrow in a fun way.

LEGO Super Mario Interactive Building Sets 

Here’s a toy any parent who grew up in the 90s can enjoy. The LEGO Super Mario Interactive Building Sets includes ten building set expansions for the Adventures with Mario Starter Course. The starter course has 231 pieces and you can choose a Guarded Fortress, Twhomp Drop, or other expansion set to further enjoy your play. Both adults and kids can have hours of fun with these fun collections.

Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot

The Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot is one of our smart kids’ gadgets that can be helpful to every member of the family. To the kids, she’s a friend and a teacher. For you, she’s a helping hand. Misa’s four wheels and sensors let her move, learn, and interact with her world. She comes equipped with games, stories, lessons, and more for the young members of the household. For the Adults, she’s a photographer and can help you keep an eye on the kids and organize your day. 

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Wand

Another of our smart kids’ gadgets that helps with coding is the KanoHarry Potter Coding Kit Wand. For ages six and up, this kids coding kit has everything included to create a magic wand. To build the wand and its code, children complete over 70 step-by-step challenges to build their skills. The wand is compatible with tablets and computers, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices.

Zber Nighttime Family Game

While away the long summer days and nights with the Zber Nighttime Family Game. This unique game changes every time because the poles move and players create their own rules. It’s a game that builds camaraderie because it allows everyone to stay together while they try to knock a golf ball off the target poles. The poles and discs light up at night so that you can play Zber any time of the day.

Hopefully, some of these smart kids’ gadgets will help ease the parental dog days of summer for you. July can be hot and long, but a few carefully selected toys can make all the difference. Let us know if you think your kids would go for any of these gadgets in the comments.

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