Vessyl Smart Cup has a Cognitive Approach Towards Meeting Your Different Hydration Needs

Vessyl Smart Cup has a Cognitive Approach Towards Meeting Your Different Hydration Needs

After having reviewed a number of revolutionary fitness trackers and health inspirational technology, it’s worth saying that consumer health has had a stupendous graph in growth till date. Be it Withings latest introduction on fitness tracking through an analog wristwatch called Activité or Cue’s intuitive molecular level health monitoring innovation, this entire sphere of hi-tech gadgetry is trying to make your endeavor in staying healthy an easy and smart process. But fitness is not a single-handed task related to burning calories only. Rather, it’s a cumulative optimization of factors that surround your overall fitness regime which also comprises of your everyday food and beverage consumption. While the former is quite heavily considered as a primary factor of concern for fitness enthusiasts, the latter is often neglected and left unconsidered as a primary health monitoring characteristic.

It’s not just a mere saying, even the National Health and Nutrition Education Survey says that, “Beverages are the #1 single source of calories.” Though liquid calories generally don’t seem to occupy that much of consideration than those gained from food, the fact that every average adult in the U.S. drinks over 500 calories in a day is worth a concern. It’s time this area of living could do with a well-presented piece of technology that takes you through your daily beverage consumption rates at the molecular level. Thanks to the Mark One team who have finally brought forth a marvelous reimagination of your everyday drinking cup through Vessyl – A smart invention that literally identifies whatever you drink each day.

Know What You Drink At the Molecular Level

Manufactured with the idea of merging the effective functionalities of a computer in a prevalent object used by the human population everyday, Vessyl has literally swamped the masses with its meticulously designed interface and breathtaking use of technology. The designer being Yves Béhar who’s renowned for creating Jawbone and OLPC, such a stunning piece in IoT was definitely expected. When discussing about this concept on The Verge, Béhar had said, “Integrating breakthrough technology into everyday products is always a challenge, at the same time, this is exactly how design makes tech products easily adoptable in life.” It’s this automaticity and the seamless display of your beverage consumption rates that has made Vessyl so attractive amongst the general masses today. You don’t have to wear anything extra or change your style of living by any way; all you need to do is replace your everyday coffee cups or water bottles with a glamorous piece of technology that does a lot more than just quenching your thirst.

The best thing about Vessyl is that it doesn’t only track what you’re drinking but also the brand as well. So, if you’ve just grabbed a Starbucks bottled mocha frappuccino coffee drink or maybe Snapple’s mango madness, Vessyl is going to give you every detail through its Android and iOS connected mobile app. Regarding this aspect, CEO Justin Lee has told Co.Design that, “We wanted the feedback to be really really quick, because we want to make sure we empower consumers to make healthier choices in real time.” That’s not it – through its’ intelligently connected smart ecosystem, the device also syncs with popular fitness trackers for you to enjoy a more effortless lifestyle.

Vessyl tracks your hydration needs

Big Time Reimagination of Your Everyday Drinking Cup

The design is also a compact and subtle presentation which can be easily carried outdoors or flaunted on a tabletop anyday. It also comes with a spill proof lid and a non-stick surface which can easily taken care of on a daily basis. The facets on the outer side of the cup is what comes as your digital monitor indicating every drink you have with its corresponding calorie, sugar, protein or fat level accordingly. It also bears a wireless charging portal which takes around 60 mins for completing one charge that lasts for around 5-7 days. Using the cup is also super-easy – everytime you want the display to work, all you need to do is just tilt the cup sideways and enjoy the magically effective detection of the liquid inside in no time.

In order to encourage proper hydration depending on your real-time needs, Vessyl formulates this new methodology called Pryme that concentrates on a lot of factors apart from drinking water alone. Their aim was to simplify your hydration needs in a single metric which varies according to your gender, age, height, weight, geographical factors (temperature, altitude, humidity), sleep schedule, diet, types of beverages you consume, as well as activity and exercise patterns. It’s a complex mathematical problem for sure and Pryme just makes the whole thing boil down to a simple analysis for you to track your health status everyday.

Vessyl smart cup

The fact that Vessyl has a modern approach in presenting this unconventional technology is evident from the massive support it has gained already from consumers and big leaders till date. Raising $50,000 within two launch of launch is not something you see happening with every tech innovation out there. To add to that, there has been excellent reviews from big tech leaders already such as Aston Motes (First Engineer, Dropbox) and Mike Beltzner (Head of Mobile, Pinterest). So, to put it in short just like Jason Mayden, Head of Global Design, Jordan Brand Nike (2012-2014) had said after seeing Vassyl, “Now I can unlock all the mysteries of what it is that I ingest.” It’s not only about tracking your health activities anymore; it’s also about staying aware on your drinking habits and keeping your life well under your control. Happy Gadgeting!

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