These smartphone vent mounts will keep your car smelling pleasant

Miss that new car scent that your car had when it was, well, new? Or maybe you bought your vehicle used and just want a little something to freshen it up? The truth is, we'd all like our car to smell fresher. Luckily, you don't have to put up with a smelly car. There are gadgets to help with that.

These smartphone vent mounts will keep your car smelling pleasant
Scosche Fresche Smartphone vent mount in use

You did it again. You forgot your leftover bag of hamburger and French fries in the car overnight. Now your vehicle smells like fryer grease and salty meat. And you’re supposed to drive a guest from work to a lunch meeting this afternoon. You wish there were a way you could keep your car smelling fresh all the time, no matter the mishap. Luckily, stinky car smells aren’t something you have to live with.

Unpleasant smells in your car are just that. Unpleasant. And when something smells up your call, it can stay that way for weeks, months even. But bad car scents can be a thing of the past with Scosche Fresche Smartphone vent mounts. A handy smartphone holder that also has vents for a powerful air freshener, this gadget will keep your call smelling F-I-N-E no matter what has been in your car.

Fresche Mounts are the ultimate multi-taskers

These smartphone vents are practically butlers for your car. Attach a Scosche Fresche mount to your car’s vent and let it hold your smartphone at a convenient position while you drive. Meanwhile, it will use airflow from the vent to distribute air fresheners and keep your car smelling wonderful. The holder will also help keep your dashboard tidy. This way, you won’t have to fumble while driving, for the smartphone you set somewhere in your car’s center consul.

Scosche Fresche mount review

Scosche Fresche mount attachment in vertical mode

These adjustable smartphone mounts have a FreeFlow Design:

These vent mounts feature a patent-pending open design that lets air flow through. It’s the first smartphone mount of its kind. The Scosche Fresche mounts also have the option of a swing-arm that lets you move your phone away from the vent and adjust to a position that is most convenient for you. So these mounts aren’t your standard, clip-on smartphone holders. They move, bend, and can adapt to height. You can push it away when you don’t need your smartphone or pull it towards you when you do.

You can choose magnetic or universal mount types

When it comes to the mount type, you’ve got a choice. Scosche gives you the option of a magnetic or universal grip. The Magnetic grips use 100% device-safe Neodymium magnets and both versions come in either regular or swing-arm versions. No matter the model you choose, you won’t have to worry about your phone slipping out of the holder with these, fail-proof grips. Both models also feature 360-degree adjustable heads for a variety of viewing options. So you’ll be able to see your screen horizontally, vertically or at any angle you want while you drive. This is the ultimate gadget for people who drive a lot for work.

Pick your scent

Now, back to that stinky car. These smartphone vent mounts attach to the air vents in your vehicle and use the air circulating to perfume your vehicle. As for the fragrances, Scosche has developed its own, specially-designed aromas to keep your car smelling great. Options include new car, leather, peppermint, vanilla, lemon, cherry, tropical, and pine. So you really can have that new car scent again or any fragrance that you like. And it’s true that a scent can boost your and your passengers’ moods. So these car fresheners should keep everyone happy. Also, the air freshener cartridges fit all Scosche Fresche mounts and last for 30 days. That’s an entire month of a fresh-smelling car.

Finally, the company website notes that The Fresche Scent Club, an auto-ship option for replacement cartridges, is coming soon. An air-freshener whose pods you never have to think about? Sign us up!  Truly, the Scosche Fresh vent mounts are more convenient than a home air freshener.

What we love about the Scosche Fresche Smartphone Mounts

We love a smartphone holder that also keeps cars smelling fresh. The adjustable 360-degree positioning and magnetic grip are also huge pluses. There is also a variety of scents to choose from, from new car to lemon and we’d be interested in trying them all. The company website also says that it will soon sell Qi Wireless Charging Fresche Mounts, something we’re sure we’ll love even more.

What we’d love to see

It’s difficult to improve on such a handy product that also has wireless charging in the works. However, it might be interesting it the company experimented with different types of materials for the holder. For the moment, the design is black plastic. Perhaps a more upscale material and some more color options could provide more customization options for people who want to go beyond plain black.

Where to buy the Scosche Fresche Smartphone Mounts

The Scosche Fresche smartphone mounts cost $19.99 on the Scosche website.

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