Be ready for any adventure with this easy-to-carry flexible multitool

When you're on an adventure, your gear should be ready for anything. This flexible multitool gives you a powerful yet simple gear tie, carabiner, and more in just a single accessory.

Be ready for any adventure with this easy-to-carry flexible multitool
MODL Infinity Tool acts as a gear tie

Stay ready for the unknown with the MODL Infinity Tool. From the makers of the MODL utility bottle, this flexible multitool secures your gear to anything and everything for worry-free carry.

You’re getting ready for a hiking trip, and you pack the essentials: water bottle, carabiner, gear ties, sunscreen, and the like. But wouldn’t it be nice to need fewer items? You’ll carry everything on your back, after all.

With the MODL Infinity Tool, you can replace both the carabiner and gear tie. That’s right; this adventure accessory can hang things like your water bottle from your backpack or secure your poles to your tent.

There are literally hundreds of uses. Plus, you can wear it on your wrist, so it’s always at the ready. Let’s check it out.

Meet the flexible carabiner

While developing their original design, the MODL system, the MODL design team created flexible straps that could affix the water bottle to a backpack, bike, and pretty much anything else.

So it didn’t take long for the team to realize that the same straps could be used for securing anything to anything else. All it took was a simple stud to transform a water bottle loop to a tool that could work as a carabiner, gear tie, and more.

Use the MODL Infinity Tool as a carabiner

Stainless steel carabiners have become the ubiquitous adventure tool, and for good reason: they quickly connect safety-critical sports components. On the other hand, their use ends there, and you definitely need to carry them in a bag or pocket.

The MODL Infinity Tool is more versatile. Yes, it does everything a carabiner can, plus its flexible material moves with your item and holds it in place.

MODL Infinity Tool
MODL Infinity Tool holding a keychain

Secure your gear with this adventure accessory

Whether you climb, hike, kayak, or do some combination, you carry gear for your adventure. And, often, that requires securing different equipment to each other for easier transport, necessitating gear ties.

Or does it? With this flexible multitool, you can leave them at home. It cinches your hiking tools onto your backpack, your kayak poles to each other, or even your skis to your poles.

MODL Infinity Tool securing a water bottle

Connect multiple MODL Infinity Tools

And when you want to secure larger objects, say 2 whitewater rafts in the river, you can simply connect multiple MODL Infinity Tools to make them longer.

Other ideas include connecting MODL Infinity Tools for use as a makeshift dog leash or repairing a broken tent. The modular feature also comes in handy for webbing or any new application you dream up.

Go for grippy, stretchy silicone

Unlike stainless steel carabiners that can scratch your gear, this flexible multitool is made out of silicone, handling your outdoor equipment with care. It’s also grippy, holding accessories and gadgets in place, so they don’t slide out.

Then, there’s the stretch and strength factor. Silicone stretches to fit your gear, allowing you to secure anything from hiking poles to a portable speaker.

Moreover, the MODL Infinity Tool supports up to 70 pounds in a single wrap. However, when you wrap it multiple times, the strength also multiplies. For example, 3 wraps equals 210 pounds (70 x 3). Cool, isn’t it?

Fidget with this versatile outdoor tool

But this outdoor accessory isn’t all work and no play. Nope, the MODL Infinity Tool is also pretty fun to fidget with, which is helpful when your phone is off the grid.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs, keep your hands busy creating intricate designs and loops with this flexible multi-tool. Check out some ideas on the Kickstarter page.

Wear it on your wrist

One of the MODL Infinity Tool’s most useful features is its wearability. Yep, you can clasp this flexible multitool around your wrist like a bracelet.

With it on your wrist, you can be prepared for anything that comes up. So it’s not just for outdoor adventures but also everyday life, making it the ultimate EDC tool.

Use this hiking tool in multiple situations

This tool is the ideal companion for discovering the world since it’s so functional. We already mentioned a bunch of potential uses, but the MODL Infinity Tool would also pair well with traveling, biking, surfing, road tripping, boating, and survival situations.

Read our final thoughts

With the multitude of useful gadgets and tools out there, you’ve got to love something that’s multi-use. Combining a carabiner, gear tie, repair mechanism, and more, the MODL Infinity Tool replaces several items in your kit.

Best of all, its wearable design means you can always have it with you, keeping you prepared not just for hiccups out in nature but in your daily life, too.

Love the MODL Infinity Tool as much as we do? Help bring it to life by preordering a 4 pack for $25 on Kickstarter.

What outdoor or EDC gear do you love? Let us know in the comments.

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