SmartPlate Analyzes Your Calorie Intake Like a Perfect Nutritionist

SmartPlate Analyzes Your Calorie Intake Like a Perfect Nutritionist

None of us want to see our near and dear ones or ourselves succumb to the disease which was the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2010. We are doing a lot to save ourselves from being diabetic but how much are we doing it right? Or consider obesity that has already grasped about one-third of the U.S adult population. Do you really think our ways of food consumption is on a right track? Maybe we are trying to make it right but sometimes the process becomes so tedious that you tend to lose it. Manually entering data on tons of food journaling apps doesn’t make sense all the time. You often don’t get to really focus on the difference between the weight of the food you consume and how much you should consume. It’s difficult and is possibly why most of us head to a nutritionist time and again. But given the busy schedule and “I-don’t-have-time-to-see-a-nutritionist“, I think all of this leads to that one dead zone – Obesity!

Now what if I say there is a way by which you can track down your calories without entering any manual data. What if the whole process of analyzing your food intake takes less than a minute! Nope, am not dreaming – Am just referring to SmartPlate which could be the next VIP addition for your kitchen that won’t just make your meals healthy but work as a super fast personal nutritionist at the same time.

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This Personal Nutritionist Tracks the Portion Size

Portion size is something we can’t analyze manually and that’s exactly where SmartPlate takes the crown. It’s a piece of technology that takes the guesswork out of your calorie intakes every day and makes you and your diet plan more accurate and eventually more healthy.


Anthony Ortiz, CEO of Fitly, the SmartPlate‘s maker was inspired to come up with an idea like this after his father had a triple bypass surgery. On an interview with the Fast Company he had said, “What really angered me later on, as I started becoming more active and more into nutrition and health, was knowing that his condition was completely preventable. It’s a matter of education, culture, all these things play into the way we eat the way we do.”

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Object Recognition and Weight Sensors Put to Good Use

SmartPlate uses advanced object recognition and weight sensors to automatically identify, weigh and analyze your food intake. It’s obviously a much accurate and easier form of keeping a track on your calories that won’t take any additional time or those painful hours of trying to manually enter everything you’ve consumed during the day.

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The best aspect of this piece of technology is that it’s trained to analyze both single foods as well as mixed foods. So from salads to rice pilafs to simple fruits, you can track every variety of food easily with this plate and mobile app combo. The accuracy is nearly 99% and I can say that’s way better than the manual data you’ve been entering all this while.

Will Work Even If You’re Eating Out

Now the question you might have here is that what do you do if you’re eating out. The team has sorted this problem with the help of the Android or iOS app by using which you’ll be able to take a picture of your meal and have it analyzed instantly. They have over 100,000 restaurant dishes in their database currently which can be expected to grow with time. The plate has been made to be water-resistant, non-stick, BPA free and heat-resistant plastic so that you can reuse it again and again. You can also air dry it on the water resistant charger which can easily sit next to your kitchen sink. It’s not microwavable but comes with a microwave lid so you can take your meal wherever you go.

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Available in five beautiful colors to suit your personal preferences, SmartPlate is currently live on Kickstarter with the pre-order price of $99 only. This piece of technology is here to make you live a better life for sure so don’t miss out on getting a SmartPlate for yourself and for your family. Stay healthy the smart way. Happy Gadgeting!

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