Spigen is donating all proceeds to COVID-19 relief

Every day, medical professionals risk their lives to care for COVID-19 patients. Often, due to supply shortages, they do so with minimal protective gear. In these difficult times, we have to defend those whose skills matter the most. With too few materials and little help from the government, businesses are stepping up. Spigen, a company whose top priority has always been protection, is putting its best effort toward creating a safe environment for hospital workers.

Spigen is donating all proceeds to COVID-19 relief
Spigen COVID-19 Relief Donation Plans

You probably know someone who works in a hospital. Healthcare employs nearly 16 million people in the United States. Nurses, doctors, doctor’s assistants, EMTs, not to mention administration, janitorial staff, and food workers…everyone knows someone who devotes their life to helping people stay well. And we know that these folks routinely put the health of others before their own. It’s their job. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, they are poorly equipped. Spigen, the maker of those protective smartphone covers you love, has taken note. That’s why Spigen is donating 100% of its proceeds from April 9-April 30, 2020, toward the purchase and distribution of equipment to medical personnel in hospitals and urgent care centers.

Every day, we read a new story about a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare worker becoming sick or losing their life while helping their city battle COVID-19. In many cases, these professionals did not have proper protective gear. COVID-19 is a disease that affects us all. And for that reason, we need our medical staff to stay healthy and strong. So here at Gadget Flow, we’ve rounded up Spigen’s best protective smartphone covers, wireless chargers, and watch cases. If you need a new tech accessory, now’s a great time to make that purchase. It’s a worthy cause.

Spigen Cases for Your Phone

Spigen Cases for Your Phone

Protect doctors by protecting your smartphone

Spigen Liquid Air Slim iPhone 11 Case

With Spigen donating its proceeds, you should take advantage and get a smartphone case that lets you comfortably hold your phone vertically and horizontally. The Spigen Liquid Air Slim iPhone 11 Case has a super grippy surface, so you can hold it any way you want. The TPU exterior comes in a matte black color that echoes your iPhone 11’s style. Additionally, this case is shock-proof, meaning your new phone will get extra protection from falls and drops. The Spigen case covers your buttons, but that won’t slow you down. You’ll still get precise, accurate, and quick responses when you press them.

Spigen Liquid Air Slim iPhone 11 Case

Spigen Liquid Air Slim iPhone 11 Case

Galaxy Z Flip Case Tough Armor

If you’ve got a Galaxy Z Flip, you’ll want to keep it safe. Spigen has you covered (pun not intended) with a case that folds. That’s right. The company maintained its simple, durable design to offer full coverage on both sides of the Galaxy Z Flip with the Galaxy Z Flip Case Tough Armor. The cover also provides extreme drop protection with two layers of impact resistance. This means your phone will stay protected even from severe drops. And the form-fitted ergonomic design and grip mean it won’t easily slide out of your hand. With the new-gen flip phones, it can be a challenge to find covers that protect them. Spigen’s is a great choice.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Case Slim Armor

Protect your Galaxy S20 no matter what life throws at it with the Galaxy S20 Ultra Case Slim Armor. The Slim Armor line is packed with the latest extreme impact foam under durable layers. But just because the cover will protect your phone doesn’t mean you’ll lose slimness and grip. This cover provides flexible protection and a surface that’s easy to hold. Additionally, it’s got military-grade certified drop protection with Air Cushion Technology®, and raised edges to surround the camera cutout for added security. Finally, it’s got a built-in kickstand for the ultimate viewing experience. Spigen donating to the COVID-19 cause is the best excuse for getting this cover.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Gauntlet

Life can be extreme; we all know that. And we expect our phones to keep up the pace. Luckily the iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Gauntlet is built to handle all extremes. It layers Spigen’s latest impact foam in an extra guarded bumper frame to withstand any shock like a pro. Built for absolute protection, the Gauntlet is military-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology®. Finally, its clear back stands up to everyday use and won’t turn yellow over time. 

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Ultra Hybrid Clear Cover

If you’ve got the latest iPhone, now is the perfect time to buy a top-quality Spigen cover for it. The Spigen iPhone 11 Case Ultra Hybrid Clear Cover will keep it protected. Available in Crystal Clear and Matte Black colors, you can show off your entire phone or not. The latter choice highlights the bezels in black,  adding a different dimension to your smartphone’s appearance. This sleek iPhone 11 cover allows wireless charging and is a sturdy way to keep your smartphone safe and looking great longer. Finally, its air-cushioned corners mean this Spigen case helps buffer your phone if it falls.

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Ultra Hybrid Clear Cover

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Ultra Hybrid Clear Cover

Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 11 Case

Another iPhone 11 case to consider with Spigen donating its proceeds is the Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 11 Case. Made of a flexible TPU material, the Liquid Crystal case provides a shock-absorbent layer. So if you accidentally drop your phone or bump it, this iPhone 11 case will protect it. While this clear iPhone case isn’t as bulky as some rugged phone cases, it will safeguard your phone from everyday wear and tear. With its Crystal Clear or Space Crystal variants, this case will look snazzy on any iPhone 11. Thanks to its tactile buttons, you’ll barely notice it’s there. Finally, it’s thin enough to let you wirelessly charge your phone.

Keep your devices charged

Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger

The Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger can completely charge a Samsung Galaxy S10 in just three hours. Additionally, this leather charger features a sleek design that looks great on your desk or nightstand. With leather accents, this charging surface will keep your phone from slipping off. Also, the Spigen F308W prevents overheating thanks to its ControlHeat technology. Stylish, fast, and safe, this charger will become your favorite way to charge your wireless devices.

Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger

Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger

Compact Fast Wireless Charger

You’ll enjoy fast wireless charging for your Samsung Galaxy and Note Series with this Qi-certified F301W Charger. The charger’s interior features an intelligent circuit system to charge safely with zero overheating issues. Additionally, a central rubber ring keeps any device stable and slip-proof during charging sessions.

Safeguard your other devices

Nintendo Switch Lite Klasden Pouch

If you’ve been swept up in Animal Crossings: New Horizons craze, you’ll want a cover to protect your Nintendo Switch Lite. And with Spigen donating, now’s a great time to look into the perfect cover for your Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch Lite Klasden Pouch will let you always have your games and cables within reach. The compact shell encased with knitted fabric will keep your device safe and easily accessible for you to play whenever your mood strikes. Additionally, there’s extra storage for game cards and power cables. Finally, its plush flap helps keep the screen clean and scratch-free.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Defensive Apple Watch Case

Make sure your new smartwatch stands up to daily use with the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Defensive Apple Watch Case. The Rugged Armor Pro combines a case and a strap so that you can always keep your Apple Watch on your wrist. With its shock-absorbent material, your watch can handle your active lifestyle. Additionally, the case has a matte finish in either black or military green. Both colors include carbon fiber accents for a modern look.

Apple AirPods Pro Case Slim Armor IP

Now’s the time to protect your AirPods Pro against water, especially since Spigen is donating. The Apple AirPods Pro Case Slim Armor IP gives you all-around coverage with a firm seal to prevent any water damage. So no matter if you’re heading to the beach, pool, or your home spa, you’ll be able to take your AirPods Pro with you worry-free. Furthermore, the carabiner gives you even greater portability, letting you attach the case to any bag.

Galaxy Buds Case Liquid Air

Do you prefer Galaxy Buds? Spigen still has you covered. The Galaxy Buds Case Liquid Air gives your Buds an extra bumper of protection. The flexible layer keeps the edges safe while keeping the case closed. It’s like a little sleeve for your Buds. Featuring a simple, matte black design, the case has a soft feel. It also has precise cutouts for the charging port and LED lights. Finally, the Liquid Air case is shock absorbent and offers edge protection. With the Spigen donating initiative, there’s never been a better opportunity to protect your Galaxy Buds.

Hospital workers around the country are fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. A great way to help them (and protect your devices) is to buy a Spigen product. Spigen is donating 100% of its proceeds until April 30 to provide workers at hospitals and critical care units the supplies they need.

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