Stay Active During Your Workday with StandiT

Stay Active During Your Workday with StandiT

Part of me really likes to believe in the Greek belief that the human body’s most natural position is at rest. I type this as I’m on sat on my couch, nearly horizontal, with my feet up and rested. However, I also know that sitting for hours on end while I work is horrible not only for my health but also my posture. But, to be honest, I won’t be shelling out the equivalent of my mortgage just to have a tall desk to stand at for part of the day. But the StandiT Desk is something so much more and so affordable.

The StandiT Desk goes beyond the norm of simply adjusting positions. It allows you to turn any surface into an electric and programmable sitting to standing desk. It does all of this with intuitive control and minimalistic design.


The innovation of the technology behind the StandiT Desk starts with the control panel. Choose to use the arrow buttons on the panel to precisely adjust the desk or use one of the two pre-set buttons to get it back to your sweet spot. The team have also developed a seamless app to control and move the desk remotely. Going even further into the development world, you can even use voice control to execute the same actions.


The intuitive app can also help you track your fitness goals. It keeps track of how much of your day was spent standing versus sitting and how many calories your standing has burned. The StandiT app also reminds you when you should start standing to remain more active while improving your posture and health.


With StandiT, you have the option to purchase just the legs and operating system or to buy the full kit which includes a solid wood surface. Each of the legs are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have been engineered from scratch to achieve the unique function and modern design. They have a universal design that can work with a variety of surfaces so you can get creative with the design. Each leg can hold up to 100 lbs and you can have up to six legs per surface to be controlled by one panel.


Active on Kickstarter until January 7th, the StandiT Desk has raised over $28k of the original $15k goal. You can reserve your own StandiT Desk kit for a pledge of $299 and they will retail for about $349. The desk kits and legs will ship in April 2016.

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