Stay warm and toasty during any adventure with this heated all-season jacket

Do you find yourself shivering in your ski jacket, even though you've donned multiple layers? Then check out this heated graphene jacket that warms in seconds.

Stay warm and toasty during any adventure with this heated all-season jacket
Arxtec HCK4R on people

Stay warm during any winter adventure with the HCK4R all-season graphene heated jacket by Arxtec. This heated all-weather jacket uses a graphene-based warming system called Graphenecore™, which allows it to heat up in seconds.

Tired of freezing your tail-end off during winter hikes and snowboarding trips? The secret to warmer—and more enjoyable—outdoor winter activities isn’t more layers; it’s heat technology. And that’s just what HCK4R has.

This jacket heats up and stays warm while you’re wearing it. That way, you can enjoy your time in the snow instead of wishing you were back indoors. Let’s check it out.

Learn more about Graphenecore™ tech

So what is Graphenecore™? Well, it features graphene, a nanomaterial that provides fast, even heat dispersion. And the Graphenecore™ tech in this jacket uses it to create therapeutic infrared heat.

According to the company, Graphenecore’s heating elements have a lattice design, evenly sending heat around your body. The technology heats quickly, within a minute which, the company says, is about two times faster than jackets with carbon fiber heating elements.

Enjoy Graphenecore’s therapeutic heat

But the creators didn’t select Graphenecore™ just for its speed and heat distribution but also for its benefits as a therapeutic far-infrared heat.

With this particular kind of heat, this heated all-season jacket can relieve stress, relax muscles, and more. It’s like having a sauna right in your winter jacket.

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Check out graphene’s other cool properties

Overall, graphene is a pretty amazing material. In addition to the benefits we wrote about above, it’s also lightweight, flexible, chemically inert, and conducts thermal and electric energy well.

Graphene is also sustainable since it can reduce the amount of material needed to create a product when it’s used as an additive. So it’s a material you can feel good about.

Choose a heated jacket that outperforms both down and synthetic jackets

Your down and synthetic jackets are ok at producing warmth. But HCK4R’s creators say their all-season heated jackets are better. That’s good news if you find yourself shivering in a down coat.

In fact, the company says that HCK4R generates heat that typical jackets cannot possibly produce. And it does so two times faster than carbon fiber heated jackets.

Go for the heating zones

So, where exactly does this all-season heated jacket warm you? It has heated front pockets, which can also warm your hands. There are also heating zones at the lower, mid, and upper back.

This all-over heating system finally lets you say goodbye to bulky, constrictive layering that doesn’t work.

Power this graphene jacket with any power bank

When it comes to powering HCK4R, you can connect it to any power bank. Just plug it into the USB-A port in the chest pocket and press the ARXTEC power button for three seconds to get it up and running.

Even better, the company says its standard ARXTEC 10,000 mAh power bank can power the jacket and charge your devices simultaneously. For people who are constantly on their phones, that’s a pretty convenient feature.

Select from 3 temperature settings

Then, you can also choose from three temperatures settings—Low, Medium, and High. Low offers temperatures between77°F–95°F, Medium provides heat from 95°F–113°F, and High keeps you from 113°F–131°F.

And you’ll be happy to know that thanks to graphene’s thermoregulating properties, this all-weather heated jacket will never overheat or ignite.

Clean this all-season jacket in the washing machine

Impressively, you can clean your entire HCK4R in the washing machine. No need to remove any liners, just throw the whole jacket into the machine.

There are no electrical components or integrated batteries, so machine washing won’t cause any damage. All you have to do is unplug and remove the power bank

Check out the versatile pockets

No matter your plans, HCK4R has the right pockets. Inside, there are pockets for your phone, power bank, snow skirt, and larger items.

Then, the exterior has front pockets, chest pockets, and a sleeve pocket. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or embarking on a wintry night out, you’ll have plenty of space for EDC items.

Go for a customizable fit

The ideal adventure jacket is adaptable depending on the conditions, and HCK4R is no different. With elastic drawstrings in the hood, velcro and elastic cuffs, a detachable hood, and an elastic snow skirt, you can customize this jacket to fit your size and suit the weather.

Stay dry with this waterproof jacket

This all-weather heated jacket boasts an array of great features, but one of the most important is its waterproofing. Because a heated jacket won’t get you very far if you’re wet.

Luckily, HCK4R is waterproof, windproof, and has water-resistant YKK zippers.

Yes, you can be one of those people who stays warm throughout the entire ski trip with HCK4R. Its graphene-based heating system is lightweight and heats quickly and efficiently. Add this jacket to your winter outerwear collection for your warmest winter yet.

HCK4R all-season graphene heated jacket by Arxtec costs $263 and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. What are your favorite gadgets for staying warm in the winter? Let us know about them in the comments.

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