Stay powered during blackouts with the ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit

Say goodbye to blackouts and hello to uninterrupted power supply with the ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit. It provides backup power, solar charging, and off-grid power, ensuring you always have electricity.

Stay powered during blackouts with the ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit
ALLPOWERS R3500 is an eco-friendly power source

Reduce your reliance on the power grid, cut costs, and avoid blackout worries with the ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit. This cool new product helps homeowners harness and store solar energy for later use.

Tired of bad weather and aging power grids leaving you without electricity? Maybe you’d like to reduce your energy bills and rely on cleaner power. Well, the ALLPOWERS R3500 offers a solution.

This all-in-one smart home energy kit brings a backup power supply to your home when you need it, ensuring that your essential devices stay powered up, even during an outage.

What’s more, it’s compatible with your existing solar kit, allowing you to convert solar energy into usable electricity and store it for emergency off-the-grid use.

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ALLPOWERS R3500 release video

Has expandable capacity

One of the most important features of the ALLPOWERS R3500 is its modular design and expandable capacity. You can connect up to 2 R3500 power stations (3,168 Wh each) and 30 B3000 expansion packs (3,168 Wh each).

That equals a whopping 101,376 Wh, keeping your devices powered during power outages for days. With backup power like that, you can say goodbye to blackout anxiety for good!

Offers 3,200–7,000W AC output for effortless power

Moreover, the R35 has a 3,500W AC output. So, when you combine 2 R3500s with the Home Panel, you can expand that to 7,000 AC output with 12 kWh surges for fast power boosts.

It provides enough power to run TVs, microwaves, AC units, and even full-size refrigerators during an outage. You can even use it for standard EV charging.

Delivers 2,000W solar charging in 2.5 hours

The ALLPOWERS R3500 recharges in 4 ways: solar, AC, car, and dual AC+Solar. In fact, you get a maximum input of 4,000W when you connect the solar panels and wall plug.

And get this, you can recharge the R3500 using just a regular old outlet! If you plug it into a 240V, you can get up to 2,000W max. Or, if you use a 120V outlet AC, you can get up to 1,500W max. Plus, it only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge. That’s like a typical gaming session or 2 episodes of your favorite show.

But, wait, there’s more. With a 4,000W AC + Solar input, you can recharge the R3500 in just an hour. That’s pretty darn fast.

Even better, you can recharge the R3500 using the power of the sun. That’s right, if you’ve got solar panels, you can get up to 2,000W max input and collect free energy. It’s like having your own personal power plant.

Uses a next-gen 34145 battery cell

What’s more, this smart home energy kit is packed with Full-Tab battery tech, similar to Tesla’s Tabless technology. With a 34 mm diameter and 145 m height, each 34145 battery cell is bigger and can store up to 6 times more energy than the typical 21700 battery used in most power stations.

The 34345 Full-Tab battery is also designed with no cutting for tab forming, so there are no burrs that could puncture the separator and short the cell internally. With EV Grade-A Level LiFePO4 battery cells, the battery can last up to 10 years.

Finally, the battery is built to handle tough conditions and even has self-heating capabilities, making it perfect for use even during the coldest winters.

Powers your off-grid lifestyle

Want to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and untether yourself from the grid? The PV Kit and Energy Storage Kit creates a green energy solution that supports your off-grid life. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, living in a remote area, or searching for a backup power source, the kit has you covered.

Yes, you can easily create a power system for your van, RV, or trailer using the R3500, B300, and Home Panel. All you have to do is install solar panels on the roof of your vehicle. That’s all it takes to power your ride with renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lowers your electricity bills with a Solar PV kit

This smart home energy kit can even lower your electricity bills. Just hook up the Solar PV Kit to the R3500 Energy Storage Kit to capture all the extra power produced during the day. Then, you can use it at night once the sun goes down, slashing your electric bill.

In fact, the 3 kW Solar PV kit creates around 76–120 kW per month. That’s enough power to save about 25–40% on monthly electricity bills in Germany, where the monthly usage is around 290 kWh.

Has a 15 ms switchover home backup UPS

Tired of losing data during a power outage? The ALLPOWERS R3500 can help there, too, by acting as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your home. This means it brings backup battery power and surge protection for devices like your computer, security system, NAS, and even IoT gadgets.

You can connect the R3500 to your home grid and let it charge while it stays on standby mode. And, whenever there’s a power outage, this kit provides fast backup power within 15 ms. That way, data loss and device failures become things of the past.

Comes with convenient and powerful features

And this smart home energy kit isn’t all about backup power. It’s also packed with convenient and powerful features that make it a breeze to use.

For one, the ALLPOWERS R3500 works with a smart app over a stable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and lets you make schedule changes and receive notifications. It also shows the battery life and charging time.

Then, you can use the R3500 globally thanks to the 100V–240V versions. They accommodate the different voltage needs in the US, EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. So you can enjoy greener, cheaper energy nearly anywhere.

Finally, with its portable design, the R3500 can travel with you anywhere, letting you bring a secure and eco-friendly way to power camping, road trips, outdoor work, backyard parties, and much more.

Transforms the way you power your home

The ALLPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit is the way to go if you want to stop relying on the grid, save some cash, and avoid blackouts.

With scalable capacity, you can power your home appliances for days, and it even works with your current solar kit to convert and store solar energy into usable electricity.

Get the AllPOWERS R3500 smart home energy kit today and have peace of mind that you’ll never run out of electricity.

Want to support the campaign? Preorder the ALLPOWERS R3500 for $1,999 on Kickstarter. What do you love about this home energy gadget? Let us know!

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