This super-thin charger is the size of a credit card

Need a charger you can take anywhere? The ChargeCard by AquaVault is so thin, it fits in your wallet, keeping power at your side. Check out this blog to learn more about this exciting new product from a Shark Tank finalist.

This super-thin charger is the size of a credit card
ChargeCard by AquaVault on a granite background

Have you ever wished chargers could be a little less bulky? In their typical form, most smartphone chargers are thick rectangles or squares. They fit uncomfortably in back pockets, so if you want to take one anywhere, it’s best to keep it in a separate bag. But in a bag, they roll around and pick up dust and other debris. To solve this conundrum, the ChargeCard by AquaVault is a super-thin charger that actually fits in your wallet.

At first glance, the ChargeCard by AquaVault looks like one of those cigar or cigarette cases you see in old-timey movies. So as a device, it has a rather classy look. And because of its unique design, others won’t immediately know that it’s a charger. But the most impressive feature of this slim charger is its compact size. With dimensions similar to those of a credit card, this super-thin charger is compact enough to fit in your wallet. At 0.25 inches thick, it slides into your wallet and charges your smartphones and other devices easily while you’re on the go.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

ChargeCard by AquaVault by the sea

A slim charger that fits in your wallet

Having a charger that fits in your wallet is great because of the portability factor. When you have a charger that slides into the pocket of your wallet, you can take it with you pretty much anywhere. That means if you run out of juice while you’re sipping your coffee at a cafe, you can charge up at the table and continue scrolling through the news. You’ll also get power at the office, your kid’s ballet lessons, the beach, etc. Anytime you need to charge up, all you have to do is reach for your wallet.

A pocket-sized charger stays protected

Another hangup of the typical device charger is that since they don’t store well, they tend to get tossed in bags and backpacks. Unfortunately, totes like these tend to collect dust and dirt. Not to mention, it’s likely you store other items in your bags. Pens, thumbtacks, pocket knives—anything in your EDC, really, has the potential to scratch or damage your charger. But this super-thin charger, on the other hand, stays in your wallet where it’s protected. So you’ll never have to worry about it collecting debris or getting busted by your laptop.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

ChargeCard by AquaVault side view

Fast-charge technology provides quick power

If you think that the ChargeCard by AquaVault‘s unique design makes it fall short on capabilities, you’re mistaken. In fact, you can expect this slim gadget to charge your devices in a snap. Thanks to its fast-charge technology with a 2,700 mAh battery, you won’t have to wait for hours before you can use your devices again. So say your phone’s running low on batteries but need to leave work the next few minutes. Simply plug your phone into this portable charger for a quick boost.

A charger that’s compatible with both Apple and Android

Your ChargeCard by AquaVault comes with built-in charging cables for both Android and Apple devices. This means that you can charge your Apple products and your Kindle while you’re out; you won’t have to carry multiple chargers or cords. You can even help power a friend’s depleting batteries.

The stainless steel design is durable

This super-slim charger is built to last with its stainless steel case. Stainless steel is an iron and chromium alloy used to create all sorts of durable products due to its superior corrosion resistance, strength, and appearance. So you’re likely to get years of use from the ChargeCard by AquaVault.

ChargeCard by AquaVault is a versatile charger

You can trust this super-thin charger to power up more than just your smartphone. It charges a variety of devices from your headphones to your Kindle. With the ChargeCard by AquaVault, you never have to worry about your phone dying while you’re on the go.

The ChargeCard by AquaVault is a cool gadget. We love that it’s slim enough to fit in a wallet and works with both Android and Apple products. And it provides a useful service; how many times have you forgotten to charge your phone overnight, only to realize it while you’re at work the next day with a dying battery? Thankfully, this gadget keeps battery power near you at all times. Overall, this charger is a great product for anyone who spends any time outside of their home.

The ChargeCard by AquaVault costs $59.95, and you can order it on the company’s official website.

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