TableAir: The Only Standing Table You Need At The Office

TableAir: The Only Standing Table You Need At The Office

Standing tables are now widely used by today’s offices and leading businesses. They promote better posture, health and energy.

Most of the tables you’ll find in the market today all have the same features. But for those looking for one that literally stands out from the sea of products, you should check out TableAir.

TableAir close up shot violet LED

Take Your Office To The Next Level

The TableAir (W150cm x D75cm) is no ordinary standing table. It adjusts automatically to your height from 64cm, minimum, up to 130 cm. This means anyone can use your table without fiddling with latches or locks, which could cause your stuff to fall off your desk. The auto-adjustment feature is essential, because it also keeps your things safe.

Equipped To Handle Your Working Needs

Don’t have enough USB slots for your devices? The TableAir comes with a power socket, two AC and two USB power ports. Now you can bring the power to you, and not the other way around. This feature also allows users to park their standing table anywhere, even areas with minimal wall sockets.

Your office mates can also benefit from this feature, as more plugs will now be available since you have your own set tucked away in your digital desk.

TableAir with keyboard and mouse

LED Lights To Keep You Entertained And Relaxed

Work can get hectic and stressful, but now there’s a new way to add life to your office. TableAir features LED lights around the standing table, which can be controlled using an app. It includes settings for basic controls and configurations. The app also lets you set times for standing and sitting.

Designed To Blend In Anywhere

The TableAir is suitable in almost every environment. It can add extra flair to a minimally designed home office or living room. At work, your desk will certainly standout but not in a bad way. It not only looks great, but it can also keep you fit and healthy.

TableAir inside an office

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