TCL announces a 17-inch concept tablet with a scroll display at CES 2021

If you want the option of expanding your tablet's screen, the TCL 17-inch concept product might be everything you hoped for. Continue reading to explore how this gadget works.

TCL announces a 17-inch concept tablet with a scroll display at CES 2021
TCL 17-inch concept tablet design

At CES 2021, TCL unveiled a 17-inch concept tablet that has a rollable, OLED display. This design enables you to open it similar to unrolling a scroll. The main idea behind this concept tablet? It’ll come in extremely useful for detailed maps, watching movies, and other scenarios when you require a large-sized screen.

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But you can use this technology for everyday use, too.

Boasts a high-color display

The TCL 17-inch concept tablet features a 100% color gamut. This means that the screen can display all of the colors present in the image or video. In addition, the screen features TCL CSOT’s inkjet printing technology to enhance the display quality. This allows you to clearly view a map, view images, and more. And its size won’t impact the screen’s quality—no matter when it’s small or large.

TCL 17-inch concept tablet

TCL 17-inch concept tablet fully expanded

Features an expandable screen

The highlight of this concept product is its large 17-inch expandable screen that’s revealed when you unscroll it. And it has a thickness of 0.18 mm for a slim design that’s portable. In addition, the tablet’s futuristic and convenient design features the device’s main components on the side, making them easy to access. After use, simply roll up the screen into one side.

TCL is currently working on a prototype for this product, and we can’t wait to see it in action. At the moment, most of its technical specifications haven’t been publicized. And there’s no confirmation on a release date, yet. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this design applied to phones and TVs in the future and can only wait for these releases.

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