The HP ENVY 34-inch is the 5k display your home office needs in 2021

All-in-one PCs are phenomenal options for those seeking a new desktop computer. The HP Envy 34-inch packs plenty of advantages, from a 5K display to a wireless charging stand. Read on to find out about its detachable camera, powerful processing, and more.

The HP ENVY 34-inch is the 5k display your home office needs in 2021
HP Envy 34-inch is an all-in-one desktop PC

It isn’t easy to find solid all-in-one desktop computers these days. Particularly those capable of running top-tier PC games. They usually pack great displays, though they sometimes cut corners to make certain accommodations in other areas.

HP’s latest Envy 34-inch computer just may change that for the better. It’s got a fantastic processor with excellent graphics processing, so you can run high-end games effectively. Let’s take a look at this new offering from HP.

The HP ENVY 34-inch is the 5k display your home office needs in 2021
HP Envy 34-inch features a 5K display

Has a fantastic 34-inch high-resolution display

The HP Envy 34-inch comes with a high-resolution 5120 x 2160 micro-edge display capable of running at 5K. It has a 21:9 aspect ratio, slim bezels, and true color accuracy, plus it includes factory color calibration with 98% DCI-P3. It even features an antireflective coating, which will surely benefit those with lighting conditions that produce a lot of glare. Squint no more!

Features a detachable magnetic camera

In the age of remote work and home offices, what’s handier than a versatile camera for your PC? The Envy 34-inch features a detachable magnetic camera with 16-megapixel binning technology. The camera can easily be moved around the edges of the display so you can adjust it to your liking. It also lets you change appearances with HP Enhanced Lighting.

The HP ENVY 34-inch is the 5k display your home office needs in 2021
The Envy includes a detachable magnetic camera

Offers powerful processing capabilities

The HP Envy 34-inch packs a punch with an i9-series 8-core 11th Gen Intel processor. It also comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics. This means running higher intensity programs or indulging in PC gaming will be a much better experience. If you combine that with its incredible 5K display, there’s a lot of great potential here for those seeking an all-in-one that can do some heavier lifting.

Has an embedded power supply and more

HP sought to provide some seriously thoughtful design. So it’s included plenty of quality-of-life improvements to the Envy. According to the official press release, there’s an embedded power supply, wireless charging pads (located in its stand), plenty of ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, and advanced thermal solutions. These are all welcome additions that most will be happy to see.

The HP ENVY 34-inch is the 5k display your home office needs in 2021
The HP Envy’s stand doubles as a charging pad

Will be a solid all-in-one option for PC users

The HP Envy 34-inch is certainly an all-in-one desktop computer that’s worth your consideration if you’re looking for a powerful machine that keeps things simple and in one place. It offers plenty of power in its processing and graphics capabilities while sporting a beautiful display, both of which will be fantastic for tasks like photo and video editing or PC gaming. It also comes with plenty of extra bells and whistles to make using it that much better and more enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a solid all-in-one option, definitely make sure you check this one out!

The HP Envy 34-inch computer is coming soon and will be available for $1,999. You can learn more from the official press release here.

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