Tired of Juggling With Your Phone? Time to Get the Amazing HiSmart Bag!

Tired of Juggling With Your Phone? Time to Get the Amazing HiSmart Bag!

What’s it like to live an urban lifestyle? Let’s talk about a typical day in the life of an urban traveler. If it was me, it would start with a bit of exercise, followed by a prompt “getting-ready-for-work” thingy and finally heading for work which, thanks to my team, is just one room away. But unlike me, there are so many of you out there who need to travel for work or college that often leads to a lot of oh-i-forget-this-and-that on the way. Yeah, we do rely on a lot of device trackers these days but to be honest, there are times when you forget to attach the device tracker to the right item as well (that’s so true!).

Again, while you travel for work, music is a must for so many of us. But juggling with your phone to switch tracks or change playlists is a no go. To add to that are those endless calls and messages you get in between that seems to be so difficult to handle while you’re traveling. But explaining all that to your manager at work is next to impossible. So what could work as a potential solution? A smartwatch? Uhm…probably yes but I think I have a better answer to that question! Why not try a stylish bag instead. Like HiSmart Bag which has already smashed it’s goal on Indiegogo and for good reasons.

HiSmart bag smart living

Merging Fashion and Technology in a Superb Way

Coming to what the HiSmart Bag is all about, you’ll be surprised to know that this bag doesn’t change according to your capacity needs alone. It can help you connect to the digital side of the world with a simple metallic button and the corresponding app combo.

Hismart bag

In fact, to be honest, I think this is one of those wearable tech that won’t pose as an added baggage for urban travelers. Instead, it’ll be more like a useful accessory you can carry on a regular basis and stay organized every day. As creator Qifang Dai says on Wired, “This is the first true smart bag. A smart wearable is not limited to just watches or fitness trackers. It can be more than that.”

HiSmart bag

Convertible Bag Serving Your Daily Needs

The HiSmart bag is available in two different styles (backpack and messenger) and colors (black and cognac) which has been beautifully handcrafted out of Italian leather. The 2-in-1 customized chip inside the strap will enable you to pin locations, find your HiSmart or phone, answer calls, listen to music,  record your voice, and take selfies in just seconds.

Hismart bag

One of the coolest bags I have come across in recent times that doesn’t need too much of explanation. You just look at it and fall for its exquisite beauty and classic design.

Hismart bag compartmentsGerman Fidlock Ensures Convenient Locking

Talking about its specifications, the bag comes with a 12-pocket organizer and has a place for your basic daily needs such as keys, notebooks or even laptops.

Hismart bag waterproof

The nylon used is durable and long lasting with the canvas being waterproof so that your belongings stays safe even when you’re out there, stuck in a thundershower. The German fidlock makes the process of locking this bag in both modes super easy. It’s magnetic and so easy to control.

Hismart bag review

HiRemote is a Star!

But what really makes this bag a class is the HiRemote and HiSmart App using which you can easily connect your digital life with your physical world.

HiSmart bag review

From pinning locations you visit during the day to finding your phone if you leave it behind, the HiRemote can solve all those daily problems one faces in an urban lifestyle. Remember how I sulked on the process of handling music while on the go? Well, HiRemote will help you play, pause or control your music from a single press of a button that won’t require taking your phone out from your pockets at all.

HiSmart bag wearable tech

Even audio recording and selfies become easy to handle with this bag there. What else can you ask from an urban bag anyway? If this entire review was convincing enough, I think it’s time you head your way towards a pre-order of HiSmart Bag for $249. Long live fashion and technology side by side! Happy Gadgeting!

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