Top 2 reasons the new OnePlus 9 Series is worth a buy

Announced this week, the OnePlus 9 Series features two smartphones: OnePlus 9 5G and OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. These phones are designed for content creators and those looking for a device that'll enhance images and videos while you're out and about. Explore the top features of these phones in today's blog.

Top 2 reasons the new OnePlus 9 Series is worth a buy
The new OnePlus Pro 5G phone

The new OnePlus 9 Series consists of the 9 Pro 5G and 9 5G smartphone that have many similarities we think you’ll love. Take the 4,500 mAh battery, for example, that keeps your phone lasting all day with minimal charging time. Or the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor that reduces loading times.

There are so many reasons to invest in the OnePlus 9 Series, and in this article, we’re unraveling the top two features that’ll make you want to pre-order the phones now.

OnePlus 9 Series in a video

1. Cameras work in partnership with Hasselblad Camera for Mobile

Both smartphones feature multiple cameras (the standard version offers four, and the Pro has five), using the Hasselblad Camera for Mobile to take your best shot to an effortless level. In fact, the new OnePlus 9 Series‘ camera comes with many smart camera features: Smart Scene Recognition, Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Cat/Dog Face Focus, Focus Tracking, and more. But the two standout camera features are the Hasselblad Pro Mode and Nightscape Mode. The Pro Mode provides granular control over key photographic elements. Using precision control, the camera can fully adjust and customize ISO, exposure times, and white balance. All the while, the signature Hasselblad shutter button and sound provide a more immersive experience for budding photographers.

In addition, the Nightscape Mode captures breathtaking shots in low-light and night scenes. In fact, it’ll automatically enhance your images to reduce noise, add more color reproduction, and improve overall clarity. The Nightscape Mode also allows you to experiment with your footage by adding vibrant scenes and the distinctive Starburst feature.

2. Enjoy incredible views with a high-quality screen

The OnePlus 9 Series boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate to minimize delays and prevent lags while you’re surfing the web, replying to messages, or playing games. In fact, this refresh rate delivers up to six times faster speeds syncing between the display and the processor. And it’s crafted with avid gamers in mind.

Moreover, the OnePlus 9 Pro sports a 6.7″ Fluid Display 2.0, whereas the OnePlus 9 features a 6.55″ Fluid AMOLED Display. Designed with enhanced color accuracy and true-to-life details, the OnePlus 9 Series is everything that daily tech users might need. Plus the 1,100 nits and 8,192 levels of automatic brightness keep you connected to the screen but with a comfortable viewing experience. In fact, the phones emit less blue light, so you scroll the web with minimal discomfort on your eyes.

Both phones are available for pre-order with the 9 5G costing $729 and the Pro version costing $1,069. What are your thoughts on the new OnePlus 9 Series? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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