The new DJI Air 2S—is it worth a buy?

The DJI Air 2S comes with some impressive upgrades from previous drones, such as the Mavic Air 2 and Mavic 2 Pro. Expect a four-directional obstacle sensor and 1080p O3 image transmission system for a smoother, sleeker, and safer flying experience.

The new DJI Air 2S—is it worth a buy?
DJI Air 2S product design

The new DJI Air 2S boasts a one-inch CMOS sensor, which is the largest the brand has to offer. But what difference does this make to your footage? Well, the one-inch sensor and 2.4μm-sized pixels provide an outstanding low-light performance. Designed with an exceptional exposure sensitivity and dynamic range, this photography drone can capture up to 12.6 stops in RAW. There’s so much that this gadget has to offer, so let’s explore more in today’s blog.

DJI Air 2S photography drone in a video

The differences between the Air 2S and Mavic Air 2

Before DJI’s Air 2S was released, the best drone you’d get from the brand was the Mavic Air 2, which has a 25g weight increase. In a nutshell, the main difference between these two drones is the camera performance, with the DJI Air 2S offering 5.4K video quality rather than 4K resolution.

Additionally, you’ll also have a 12 km transmission, as opposed to a maximum of 12 km. While this might only seem like a slight spec alteration, it can seem like a big difference when filming. The DJI Air 2S also offers additional upward-facing dual-vision sensors for the best footage possible.

Another great addition to the DJI Air 2S is MasterShots. This feature provides automatic aerial imaging and editing for next-level content creation. This photography drone will automatically select from Proximity, Landscape, and Portrait templates based on the type and distance of the target. So you don’t have to do as much manual work. Once you’ve shot the footage, MasterShots will automatically make any edits, with diverse templates available for further impressive videos.

What are the benefits of a one-inch CMOS sensor?

This drone puts a large emphasis on its one-inch CMOS sensor. Well, that’s because this sensor can shoot at 5.4K resolution to capture an incredible amount of detail—even if your target is 12 km away from you. In fact, with 5.4K resolution, this drone delivers rich clarity and authentic color tones for impressive footage.

Overall, this drone is available for $999 from DJI’s official website. Is this a gadget you’ll be purchasing? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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