Top Reasons Why You Should Look at Audiobook Apps

Top Reasons Why You Should Look at Audiobook Apps

Regardless of whether you prefer fantasy, history, mystery, documentaries, or anything else, reading can always exercise your brain while enjoying the wonders of the written word. However, reading has a bit of a downside in that it requires 100 percent of your attention if you wish to get the most out of it. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the time in your busy day to sit down and spend some time with a book. But that’s where audiobooks come into play. They offer a unique means which will enable you to continue enjoying your favorite stories while you do something else, whether that’s driving, cleaning, cooking, or working on your favorite hobby. Audiobooks are even easier to use today – thanks to modern smartphones and tablets and the multitude of apps available. But if you are still somewhat on the fence about getting an audiobook app, ponder no more.

Working While Listening

One of the greatest benefits provided by audiobooks is the ability to listen to your favorite book while continuing to work on other things. In the age of multitasking, this is a great boon for time management and better productivity. This benefit is especially potent if you do a lot of driving, since being able to listen to a book in the car can help alleviate the boredom and monotony of getting stuck in traffic or seeing only long stretches of highway. Unlike two decades ago, though, when you’d have to fumble with your car stereo to change out an audiobook spread over multiple CDs, today’s books on tape are easier to access than ever. However, audiobooks aren’t just useful for helping to pass the time while driving. According to this article on Forbes, they’re also excellent for providing entertainment while cooking or commuting via public transportation.

One of the best audiobook apps out there from a trusted source in literature is the Nook audio book app. Whether you use a tablet, iPhone, or Android, this app is compatible across platforms and allows you to listen to almost any audio book you can think of.

Top Reasons Why You Should Look at Audiobook Apps

A Different Storytelling Experience

Another major benefit provided by audiobooks is derived from the quality of the narrator. When you read a book on your own, you provide your own means of narration within your head as you read. As such, your own imagination and thoughts can have a major impact on how you enjoy the book you’re reading. With an audio book, you have another voice narrating to you, this can help to pull you into the story even more. Forbes reports an experience where one of their associate editors became so involved in one audio book that they didn’t notice they were driving in the wrong direction until two hours into their trip. Using the Nook audiobook app also makes it easy to access lots of different voices, and you’ll have your pick on choosing the narrators you wish to.

Improving Language and Learning

While they’re great for passing time, you may have not considered how audiobooks can also help with language comprehension and learning. Some people may consider listening to audiobooks as not reading. But there are plenty of other sources out there who think otherwise. One such source is Reading Rockets, which states that audiobooks are an excellent tool for helping second-language learners, learning-disabled students, and struggling readers to develop their their reading capability in that particular language.

Thanks to the joint power of a good narrator and being able to listen to a story on a simple audiobook app like the one by Nook, audiobooks can offer readers of all ages and capabilities a multitude of benefits that include teaching critical listening, teaching new vocabulary, introducing new genres, and acquaints readers with books that would normally be above their current reading level, as listed by Reading Rockets.

Top Reasons Why You Should Look at Audiobook Apps

The Audio Book App

When it comes to actually finding a source for your audio books, there are plenty to select from. And while the end decision is up to you, there are some apps out there that are definitely top contenders, one of the best being the Nook audio book app. Unlike other apps that work on a subscription basis, like Audible or as Tom’s Guide discusses, the Nook audiobook app works similarly to a book store. Unlike the subscription based apps, you don’t have to pay for anything that you don’t want. You won’t have to worry about trying to get your money’s worth out of the app every single month as you only spend money on books you truly wish to experience.

Utilizing an audiobook app is the best way to get yourself into a book-oriented mindset. Listening to audiobooks is a phenomenal way to still enjoy fiction, documentaries, or other books without the time commitment required to actually sit down and read.

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