What Makes a Perfect Crowdfunding Campaign Video?

What Makes a Perfect Crowdfunding Campaign Video?

According to Kickstarter, you raise your chances of having a perfect crowdfunding campaign by about 50% with a video. As a matter of fact, being a part of a world where one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos, you can give up on your recreations for a while and switch to creating a stunning product video for your campaign. Also, it need not be a motion picture drama nor a sci-fi extravaganza – you just need to be yourself and very clear with what you want to sell and why.

So I chose today’s product marketing discussion on this crucial element every perfect crowdfunding campaign generator must be aware of. Instead of just pointing out tips on how you can master the art of making that perfect crowdfunding video, I thought of adding examples of those who have already done such great campaign videos too. Because we all know that Good artists copy. Great artists steal“- Steve Jobs

What Makes a Perfect Crowdfunding Campaign Video?

Here you go:

1. Watch out for the length

When you are doing a campaign video, make sure it doesn’t stretch for more than 2-3 minutes. The shorter it is, the more attentive your audience will be.

Example: Aivvy Standalone Headphones with a video length of just 2:44 mins.

2. Is Your Product Video Descriptive Enough?

Always remember to place your valuable content in the video. People should also know what you’re up for selling in those 2 minutes itself.

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Example: Prizm speaks of all the functions you get from the product

3. Show the Product Qualities in Real-Time

Let your potential backers see where and how they can put your product to use through the video. Additionally, if you don’t show them how they make good use of your product, I don’t think buyers would be keen to back your project.

Example: Coolest Cooler displaying all the product qualities in the video

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4. A Quote From the Founder

Also, don’t make your product video only about the product. A few lines from the maker always adds that touch of personalization your backers are on the lookout for. Let them see the face behind the project and make that virtual bond by watching the video.

Example: Dr. Cynthia Breazeal on the video of JIBO social robot.

5. Use Your Narrative Skills

If you have a story behind the creation of your project, narrate it. That’s how you let your backers know how passionate you are about this project.

Example: Scott Brusaw and his wife on Solar Roadways Project

6. Music Always Works (If Used Well!)

A product video can always hear better if you have decent music playing in the background. But be wise while choosing it; punk rock won’t go too well here!

Example: Moment Case does a fantastic job with the music on their video.

7. Hints on the Manufacturing Progress and Delivery

You can always let your backers know how much you’ve progressed with the prototype and what your plans are. Don’t make it a lengthy discussion, though!

Example: Anova Precision Cooker video is also worth watching here

8. The Background Voice Should be Comprehensible

Most campaign videos have background voices explaining the product. In addition, make sure it’s understandable to a global audience as well as entertaining enough for your backers.

Example: The voice used on the iTraq Tag video is perfect

9. Adding Fun Elements

All videos need not be too serious. As a matter of fact, sometimes you could call for a lot of attention with some fun details too.

Example: Like the Tiko 3D printer did on their video

10. Ask for What You Need

Finally, I believe that nothing works if you don’t ask for help from your backers. Also, let them know you need their help in the best way possible.

Example: The Dash Wireless Headphones video can be a perfect example for a perfect crowdfunding campaign.

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Overall, I think there are tons of good product videos out there for a perfect crowdfunding campaign. These were just a few I thought of mentioning. Which video was your favorite in recent times?

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