Yomee Is the Easy Way to Make Delicious Yogurt at Home

Yomee Is the Easy Way to Make Delicious Yogurt at Home

Here’s a talking point: what is the king of breakfasts? Many people would vote for waffles or pancakes, while some would speak up for toast and cereal. Another strong shout is yogurt with fruit. Even if you don’t eat it alone, you probably crave it after your Frosted Flakes. What’s more, it’s packed with health benefits. With the Yomee automatic yogurt maker, you can make delicious new flavors every day with minimal effort. In addition, this machine produces yogurt that is free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and other hidden nasties.

– Produces delicious yogurt in just six hours using milk and a special flavor pod

– Yogurt is free from preservatives, artificial flavors and added sugars

– Keeps your yogurt cool and your toppings separate until you’re ready to tuck in

Make Delicious Yogurt

Being made primarily of cow’s milk, yogurt is naturally filled with calcium. This is the stuff that keeps your bones strong, and it also keeps your heart in good shape. In addition, yogurt contains good bacteria that can make your gut happy.

Yomee lets you reap these health benefits every morning in the tastiest way possible. With minimal effort and a few hours of patience, you get all-natural yogurt to enjoy.

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Furthermore, Yomee keeps your yogurt chilly and your toppings separate until your stomach starts rumbling.

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All Natural

You may not realize it, but store-bought yogurt is often filled with preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars. These unwanted additions reduce the health benefits of yogurt and spoil the natural flavor.

In contrast, with Yomee, you can make delicious natural yogurt that’s free from unnecessary additives. To get started, you simply pour some milk into the maker and add a Yomee pod. Folks with lactose intolerance or a desire to eat more healthily can use soy or almond milk. Meanwhile, the pods can be bought in batches of ten. This adds about 99¢ to the cost of your yogurt, but you do get two servings.

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The next step is to select your preferred type of yogurt via the companion smartphone app. You have countless recipes to choose from, ranging from thick Greek-style yogurt through to smoothie-styled stirred yogurt.

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If you want to add flavor to your yogurt, you can do it yourself at this stage. The app tells you the ingredients you will need, but you have complete control over what and how much you add.

Overnight Treat

With the prep done, Yomee gets to work. The machine takes just six hours to make your requested yoghurt. Consequently, you can leave it to work overnight, ready for a morning treat. You get two servings — yes, enough for a mid-afternoon snack.

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Yomee also acts as a giant cooler cup for your new yogurt. It even has multiple sections on the lid for keeping your various toppings.

“Yogurt is good—a healthy, delicious, and convenient food that we all love. And studies are continuing to discover yogurt’s infinite health benefits: boosting our immune system, maximizing our heart health, and strengthening our bones.” — Lecker Labs on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

Delicious all-natural yogurt made fresh for you every morning.

Future Designs

Apparently, there will be a subscription service for the pods. Hopefully this will bring the price down for committed yogurt-eaters!


– Pre-order now: via IndieGoGo

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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