No.29˚ iPhone Skin by Posh Projects

$30 USD
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Protect your device with the finest materials with the No.29˚ iPhone Skin by Posh Projects. Designed for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, this skin attaches directly to the back of your device. Featuring a stunning red copper, the skin actually has multiple functionalities. In addition to the aesthetic, it also helps is evenly disperse heat as well as remains antibacterial. Incredibly, copper has natural properties which disinfects harmful bacteria. Also, the thermal conductivity of copper is the best among metals. Finally, the skin remains just 0.1mm so it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of the iPhone. With these qualities, the No.29˚ Skin is the ultimate iPhone companion. With the absence of a coating, you can feel the copper texture. It will also naturally discolor with use to make it truly unique.

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