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Yeehaw Wand Uses AR to Let You 3D-Sketch in Thin Air

$99 USD
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Introducing the Yeehaw Wand AR 3D Design & Printing Device. It’s a new digital brush that makes it easy to use AR technology to create, play, and print 3D designs. And, there’s no experience needed. You can see your designs come to life on your phone or tablet and play with your 3D creations as if they’re floating in front of you. The app uses augmented reality, so interact with your surroundings and design or recreate tailor-made objects by overlaying them onto reality. There’s also a hassle-free printing option for everyone. With the press of the button, Yeehaw prints your personalized design and delivers it to your preferred address worldwide. Or, simply press one button and print instantly using your Yeehaw 3D printer. Lastly, you can easily export the file and print it on any 3D home printer or at any local printing store. The process is effortless from start to finish – it’s like magic.

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