Yeehaw Wand Is the Ultimate Tool for 3D Creativity

Yeehaw Wand Is the Ultimate Tool for 3D Creativity

Creating beautiful things comes naturally to some people. Whether it’s jewelry or mosaic tiling, they can turn their hand to any craft. For these talented artisans, 3D printing should be the most exciting technology ever created. Unfortunately, the associated design software requires the kind of technical skill normally associated with piloting a spacecraft. But that all changes with the Yeehaw Wand. This draw-and-print system lets you build designs by sketching your ideas in mid-air. It might just be the ultimate tool for 3D creativity.

– Wand works with AR app on your phone to bring 3D designs to life

– Sketch your designs or trace over objects in the world around you

– Delivers detailed designs that you can print at home or get printed professionally

The Ultimate Tool

Although 3D printing is gradually becoming more accessible, most of the design software is still pretty clunky. Unless you fancy diving into the code, you have to click a million times just to create a simple key fob. Anything more detailed is off-limits for most hobbyists.

That’s where the Yeehaw Wand comes in. It might sound like something from My Little Pony, but this peripheral can do amazing things.

[tweet_box]Yeehaw Wand lets you create and print 3D designs by drawing in mid air[/tweet_box]

It works like a digital palette knife, allowing you to shape your virtual creation. The companion app lets you see what you’re doing and then send the design off for printing.

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3D Creativity

Shaped like a paddle, the lightweight Wand is decorated with a colorful geometric pattern. You could easily mistake it for a children’s hairbrush — but this is no toy. Once you have set up the supplied 360° Plate, this Wand becomes genuinely magical.

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To cast your creative spell, you first need to download the companion Yeehaw app. This uses AR (augmented reality) technology, as seen in Pokémon Go. When you point the camera of your phone or tablet at the 360° Plate, your design appears on screen.

This technology enables you to sculpt your digital creation as if you were working with clay. In reality, you’re just wafting a multi-colored stick around in the air. So basically, this thing is a 3D graphics tablet.

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Professional Quality

The Wand takes a little while to master at first. While one hand is applying imaginary paint, the other operates the zoom on your phone or tablet. You have to hold your Wand hand steady to avoid erroneous additions.

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But once you get the hang of Yeehaw, you soon realize the potential of this system. The app lets you control color and shape in infinite detail. As you work, you can lift and spin the 360° Plate to get a better view of the design.

Simple Output

Once your masterpiece is complete, you have three printing options. Yeehaw actually makes a 3D printer, so there is tight integration there. Alternatively, you can use your own local printer or a professional service. And Yeehaw will even print, package, and post your designs, should you wish.

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“Use the Wand to unleash your creative ideas into reality. Just wave the Wand in front of your phone or tablet’s camera and see your creation taking form right in front of you. Leave nothing to chance, by viewing your designs in real life. With the click of a button, you can instantly print your creations, bringing them to life.” — Yeehaw on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Finally, a way for arty people to enjoy 3D printing without learning complex software.

Future Designs

Using a VR headset would provide a much better view than a tiny phone screen. Integrations, please?


– Kickstarter: Until January 14th

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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