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Skin Majestic Aroma Shower Filter

$30 USD
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Enjoy a rejuvenating shower experience that is better for your skin with the Skin Majestic Aroma Shower Filter. Using aromatherapy, the Skin Majestic Shower Filter relaxes your senses each time you hop in the shower. Additionally, it neutralizes harmful chlorine and gets rid of sediments in your shower water, such as heavy metals and rust. This gives you a cleaner and healthier rinse as well as reduces buildup in and around your shower, bath, and faucets. Aside from removing harmful elements, the filter contains vitamin C, propolis, and milk powder to benefit your skin. The filter is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools. Plus, you can attach it to your showerhead or faucet. The Skin Majestic is available in four aromatherapy scents including lavender, rose, jasmine, and lemon, as well as a non-scented version

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