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Chameleon Pens Color Tops

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Transform the way you create art with the Chameleon Pens Color Tops. Combining Chameleon Pens with Chameleon Color Tops lets you blend color like never before. Whether you’re an artist or simply relax with coloring, this pen system is perfect for any project. First, insert the Chameleon Pen into the Color Top Color of your choice. The pen will draw color from the top to the tip of your pen. As you draw, the pen will blend the colors seamlessly so you can really bring your art to life. The Chameleon Color Tops work to blend colors from dark to light and vice versa. In addition, you can blend similar colors for more realistic details in your work. Finally, you can even blend opposite colors to achieve unique blends unlike any other. Because the colors flow together, it’s like the pen does the blending for you. The final result is an effortlessly smooth blend.“Original Art by Candela”

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