Chameleon Pens Color Tops Make Color Blending Seamless!

Chameleon Pens Color Tops Make Color Blending Seamless!

Producing art is a wonderful way to relax and tap into our creative sides. It’s great whether you paint, draw, sculpt, or even use coloring books. However, having artistic drive is one thing and artistic talent is another. Even with great talent, your tools may limit your ability. That’s where the Chameleon Pens Color Tops come in. These color blending pens:
– create seamless color blends
– are easy to use
– offer unlimited blending options

The Chameleon Pens Color Tops work with the Color Tones from the same brand. As you draw, the color blends right before your eyes to produce dynamic shading, fades, and blends.

Color Blending Technology

The Color Tops work with innovative technology. They connect directly to the end of the Color Tones pens. Once connected, the tip of the Color Tops will effortlessly flow into the Color Tone. From there, your Color Tones Pen is ready for blending action. Ever so gradually, you’ll see the color blend on paper right before our eyes. To answer your question, no, you can’t just blend your markers at home. On paper, this results in uneven and sloppy markings. Typical markers aren’t designed to draw in another color and then release it. But, the Color Tones are.

Color blending

Seamless Color Blending

Whether you’re looking to create a more lifelike effect or simply want to add a pop of color, these pens will do the job. First, select your Color Tones Pen. This is the color your drawing will fade into. Second, select your Color Top. Using the Chameleon Pens system, the Color Top will gradually and seamlessly blend the two colors. The Color Tops can be used with dark colors, light colors, or any combination you’d like. With similar colors you can achieve incredible depth and dimension. Pairing opposite colors will give your artwork something unique.

Color blending

Unlimited Blending

Chameleon Pens already have the Color Tones in 50 colors. Now, the Color Tops are available in 50 colors. With all of these options, you have access to a whopping 1225 color combinations. It’s time to get blending!

Color blending

What We Love

The Color Tops can make anyone look like an experienced artist. They’re versatile and dynamic for any sort of coloring.

Blending in the Future

We can only hope for more options! We can’t get enough of this system and can’t wait to see what the future of blending brings.

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– Kickstarter: until February 18th
Pledge: $10 for five Color Tops, $30 for five Color Tops and five Color Tones
– Delivery: May 2017

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