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Fashion Tech Jackets by Urban Circus

$117 USD
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Urban Circus brings you the first fashion jackets respecting ISO 20471 HighViz standards to out-stand on the road day as night. It’s a fluorescent, reflective and reversible jacket whose main added value is that it can easily replace your yellow safety vest, respecting ISO 1150 High Visibility standards. This design contains multiple technical features, all developed to improve your comfort, your safety, and your style in your day to day life. Reflective fabric uses millions of glass beads, 65 microns in diameter, backed by a vaporized aluminum coating. The net effect of these beads is that regardless of where you are in relation to the product, some those glass spheres are pointed at you. With features such as touch-sensitive pocket and LED turning signals, this jacket will surely add to your fashion statement every day.

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