Roller MK01 Handmade Aluminum Headphones

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Take your audio to a bespoke level with the Roller MK01 Handmade Aluminum Headphones. Offering a customized experience, these headphones have multiple unique qualities to make them the best. The headband features steel and aluminum for a luxurious feel. However, the Roller MK01 have a little something extra. Thanks to the segmented design of the headband, these headphones actually roll up for storage. With this, you can slip them into your bag or even your pocket for effortless carrying. The 22 stainless steel springs offer longevity with rolling and unrolling as often as you need. Covering your entire ear, the Roller MK01 offer premium audio for any music genre. Finally, the Roller MK01 Headphones come with a suede travel bag and a wooden display case.

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