KANA-chan Hydroponic Oxygen System

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Enjoy the freshest flavors right at home with the KANA-chan Hydroponic Oxygen System. Easy to use and maintain, this system produces exceptionally fresh fruits and vegetables. The KANA-chan has an innovative design to promote a flow of nutrient solution. As there is no soil or bacteria, the KANA-chan can efficiently spread oxygen and liquid fertilizer. This allows your fruits and veggies to grow faster and with a higher nutrition content. In fact, the KANA-chan allows your produce to grow 1.5 to two times faster than traditional soil methods. In addition, because they grow faster, you can get three to four times the harvest. The KANA-chan also allows you to grow without pesticides. From leafy greens to watermelons and even down to tomatoes, the KANA-chan lets you grow it all right at home.

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