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Zen Blanket Luxury Weighted Blanket
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Zen Blanket Luxury Weighted Blanket

Based on user feedback, we have decided to bring down the rating of this product to 2 stars. Issue: Delay in delivery and lack of communication. [Updated 31 Dec 2018]

Experience the therapeutic benefits of weight with the Zen Blanket Luxury Weighted Blanket. Coming in four different weight options, this exceptional blanket offers tangible benefits for total R&R. The Zen Blanket offers deep pressure stimulation. With this, the blanket actually activates pressure points. As a result, you sleep better and can even reduce your stress. The weight is evenly distributed so you get a more thorough result. The blanket should be 10% of your body weight. So, with choices of 7, 15, 20, and 24 lbs., even kids have an option. In addition, the Zen Blanket is totally warm and features luxurious velvet. Even so, the 100% natural cotton is also breathable and washable. Although it’s completely luxurious, the Zen Blanket remains totally affordable so you can live like (totally relaxed) royalty.

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@creator: can you explain a little bit more about the queen size upgrade? Looks quite expensive for about additional 99$. Also the question on Indiegogo about making it 220 instead of 200, would be a nice option for taller persons. Nice to hear your feedback.
@creator need more info on how to upgrade to queen size. And the extra purchase.
Michael Wootton
Hello! You mentioned there would be a Purple and Brown color option added in Q4, will there/could there be a way on the eventual survey to choose to wait for one of those instead of choosing the Blue/Grey when they first start shipping? I'd loooove a Purple and would be happy to wait to receive my blanket until they are ready, don't have an interest in purchasing multiple colored shells.
Paul and Kelly Scott
@creator this would be a great time for an update to explain the launch of the queen size, maybe give some information about the weight and dimensions, and how to order it. Please?
Lynn A. Decker
Regarding the queen-sized blanket upgrade... I don't understand how an Indiegogo "perk" will upgrade my Kickstarter pledge. Also, is it really $99 to change the size from standard to queen?
I just received a link to an IndiGoGo page for Zen Blanket. The page is basically blank with some placeholder text. Will upgrading to a Queen size or ordering it as an extra piece be an option when the Backer Survey is sent out, or will this be available only through IndiGoGo? Making it available to Backers first will build your goodwill, but offering it through another fundraising site first will likely erode that goodwill. See the Steadicam Volt Kickstarter campaign as an example of what NOT to do... The product was available to the public on store shelves at a lower price before Backers even began to received theirs.
Andy Satterthwaite
It's not clear how to link the Indiegogo upgrade to the kickstarter pledge?
Also, can you make things easier on indiegogo by just having a "2x double" upgrade, rather than having to pledge twice?
Katrina Bubnowicz
I have some questions about the queen blanket. I want to do it if the weight is right.
Elena Cabezas
On indiegogo they can up grade to a queen size.... Is that going to be an option with us here? How will that work?
Z Trading HB
@Kathryn Please email us at
Z Trading HB
@John It will last for this month. It may be extended, depending on the results.
Z Trading HB
@Blaine The surveys are scheduled to be sent out this week. We are waiting for all payments to be processed.
Kathryn McNamara
Can you please email me? I am trying to contact you but have had no reply. I sent an email on 12th May at 11:33 am GMT to
Thanks, Kathryn
John B
@ Z - When will your Indegogo campaign close?
@paul snd kelly: agree with that, just would like to stop complaining with my comment and give the focus back to the essential things. As also stated communication is essential and may I forgot in the two way thing that maybe also bakers need a learning courve how to communicate properly to get also a proper feedback... Not wanted to blame anyone!
Paul and Kelly Scott
@swissroot in addition to the comments feeling like a whining centre I'd add that this might not feel like a very safe place for the creators to divulge their personal details. If I'm honest I wouldn't want to given the tone of a lot of comments. Good communication is a two way street.
question when do the surveys get sent out ?
Z Trading HB
@Kyle We appreciate your feedback. Queen size weighted blankets very seldom weigh over 30 lbs because the weight is simply too much for most people to handle. It is much more difficult to handle a 60x 80 inch blanket at 40 lbs than a lets say dumbbell at 40 lbs. It would make it impractical for most of us and a very niche product. We don't see enough demand for that and have decided to have the weight for the queen size go up to 30 lbs max.
Z Trading HB
@Paul and Kelly Thanks for backing us. Our intention is to keep our timeline. We have not made any alterations to our design - the design, materials, dimensions and weights are exactly the same as in our campaign page.
I had sent a private message to you guys a few days ago, but I'm not sure it went through. So I'll just post it on here.. Given that a 30lb queen sized blanket would only be the equivalent of a 15lb blanket (per each half of the bed), is there any way you would consider making it out to be a 40lb blanket? Even at 40 pounds, that is still only 20lbs per side. I understand that you think going more than 30 pounds may be too heavy for some backers to handle, I think a 40lb blanket should at least be an option on the survey for those backers who do feel comfortable handling that much weight.
@wouter: totally agree with that, just can’t hear the boys who missed canceling their pledge and now asking for refunds or just whining. Seems a wide phenomen on Kickstarter...;-) Also I would be proud to represent my company and give more details, also respect the answer may for hidden or not would be named investors. Was also a try to get the creators out of their corner to may think about their comments. But as on the most campaigns on Kickstarter some lack of communication, hope they learn from the feedbacks here and can improve it to get a better feeling to the concerned bakers here.
@Swissroot. I mostly agree with you
It is just that they make themselves look shady and untrustworthy. If you read back you can see that most backers JUST want to know who they are. But they ignore all questions regarding identity and persons involved. If they are going to deliver and they have a good product, what is the reason you don't want ANY information about ANY of the people involved in your project? I would be proud to tell about my company if I would be delivering a great project.
Guys thinking this comment section gets more to a whining center, baked also other projects with fully trust and they did not deliver... it can always happen Kickstarter is not a store!!! Wait and start complaining when they do not deliver the advertised product and sitting on an island with our money...;-) Many Kickstarter projects have lack in communication and even delivered a nice product... It’s a learning curve how to interact with customers unfortunately. To the creators, communication is the major thing on every part! Just thinking loud and hopeful not getting scammed...
I'm also asking for a refund as this is too shady for me at this point. I've already contacted my credit card company and if a refund is not received, they will dispute the transaction as you have not stated that a refund is not aloud. Kickstarter stats that they are not responsible for refunds... that does not mean you are inclined to not give them.
Paul and Kelly Scott
Hello, I had a look at your timeline on the campaign page. It is very tight! Does this mean that you are not anticipating making any changes to the design etc from this point? Have all of your factories signed on to do the work etc? I mean, I get you're not re-designing the wheel here, it is about quality and materials of something which already exists on the market, it just seems quite ambitious to get it out Sept/Oct =) Also... this is such a strange comments section. So different to any other campaigns I have backed.
Chen Luu
After read so many comments I just simply sad about my backup.
Fun thing that they ignore EVERY SINGLE QUESTION about who they are! shady as F.
Z Trading HB
@Szymon We sent you a pm with more information about our policy.
Three things:
1. There is no information on the campaign page that there is no refund, nor in FAQ. So if you want to go this direction, maybe include it somewhere with bold in the first place?
2. I asked for the refund an HOUR after the campaign ended. At that time you didn't get the funds yet, not talking about the production or sending the product to me or anyone else.
3. What discount and free shipping have anything to do with refunding me the money BEFORE you even produce the item. I understand no refund policy when I get the product physically because of those discounts, but right now it does not even exist, so you will not lose anything. After your last reply, you are completely untrustful. I've seen different campaigns here that do the refunds because they are delayed/change the manufacturer. You on the other hand are not doing that "because of discounts" which I didn't even get, as the blanket does not exist yet...
Your logic is flawless to not give people their money back because they changed their mind (with no loss on your part) and trying to convince that everything is ok.
Z Trading HB
@Szymon Thanks for backing us. Because of the discount and free shipping offers you have received, we are not refunding any pledges for rewards on our campaign. With all due respect, our campaign page remained the same during our 50 day campaign. If one didn't like our product and presentation, one did not have to pledge (or could cancel their pledge before the campaign was over). We hope you have still happy with this and will enjoy your Zen Blanket.
Alice W.
I think the creator of this project neglects some of Kickstarter’s basic rules and most guidelines from Creator Handbook. Maybe it’s too late to report this, I’m not even sure if I should do so. Obviously there are a lot of people who have a different view of things. Personally I decided not to pledge more than 1 Euro, this Euro I see as a reward or special thank for a reply to my questions. This reply has been so vague and neglecting some of my questions, so I decided not to ask for more details. No answer is an answer too. Thank you to the others who did not keep silent and are still asking for basic informations.
A little googling about weighted blankets may show you, that there is no 'best' filling material, there are even no 'best' plastic pellets, there is no 'best' material either for inner nor outer blanket. Everything depends on your special needs and likes. And last not least the size of your washing machine. Mine would not be able to handle a 15 pound blanket. By the way, velvet 'used by royals and in castles' as written on the campaign’s page, has been made from silk, not cotton.
@Wouter - I'm not happy with the explanations as I wrote in my last comment. That's why I asked for a refund THIRD time which was ignored every time by the creator. Which gives me even more thoughts that something is wrong if they don't want to make a refund for some reason and they try to pretend not to see it...
@Victoria What you think about this answer? In my opinion it's the most evasive answer I've read all month. "please rest assured that we are well funded".
Whoopdiedoo. So you got a lot of cash to run with of this all goes South? Very good that you focuse on your product, but WHO IS THE WE? You still ignore the questions about who you are. Is it so hard to tell a little, including names, about yourself and the others in the "we you talk about"?
Creator - Thank you for replying to my comments, but it's a little too late and still no information that I would like to get. 3k people trusted you with almost 0,5M $ and you keep everyone behind the project and campaign so secret. If you are really proud of your project/product why there is no face or just a name behind it, like most of the campaigns on this platform?
I hope that you will respect my request, and I will get my refund.
Thank you!
Z Trading HB
@Szymon Thanks for the feedback. Our company is Z Trading Handelsbolag located at Gamlestaden district in Gothenburg. On our page, we decided to focus on our product, the underlying science and the design - basically how Zen Blanket improves your life. Please rest assured that we are well funded. We have investors who have invested in our product and the marketing campaign and we respect their privacy. We have spent considerable time and money into designing Zen Blanket and launching it to the world. The video you seen on our page and the images and graphics cost us almost as much as our funding goal to produce. We spent around 3 times our funding goal on digital marketing costs alone. These are costs we paid out of pocket as we believe in our product and its potential.
Z Trading HB
@Patrick Thank you for your support. The queen sized version (80 x 60 inches) will be launched soon. You will have the chance to upgrade to the queen size at a discounted cost (for Kickstarter backers like yourself). We will have an update about that.
Z Trading HB
@Lester We refer to our timeline at the campaign page for our schedule. When you sew a weighted blanket, it is like a normal blanket but filled with plastic weights (5mm in diameter in our case). After the blanket is filled with weights, you sew it horizontally and vertically to create pockets containing the weights (resembling a grid pattern). If you want to see the process, there are plenty of good how to videos showing this on YouTube if you search "how to make a weighted blanket". The textiles we use are 100% natural cotton with no synthetics.
Patrick Neill
Speaking of trouble reading... My last name has two L's in it, so yeah....
Patrick Neill
@Wouter I can read just fine thanks, my comment was general, at certain people that HAVE done what I said. So thanks for your valuable comment
You must have trouble reading, Patrick Neil? We (if I may speak for others) like the product.
We want to donate.
We are aware what Kickstarter is, it is not the first rodeo.
We are NOT complaining. The only thing we like is more info about the creator.
- A "who are we" part in the story, which we are waiting on for quite some time now.
- Background info in the important people in this project. Not much to ask if we trust them with half a million.
Patrick Neill
@Kyle, you're a breathe of fresh air in this comments section. People are blatantly attacking this company. The bottom line is if you don't like the company, don't donate. You're not at Walmart, it's a company that is looking for a "Kickstart"... Instead of complaining... don't donate and go buy one of the $300 blankets on amazon that have a return policy.
Creator, as you don't want to confirm who stays behind the "company", create proper "about us" page, etc. I want to get a refund. I contacted you in the same case on a Facebook social media account, but I didn't get any reply (you didn't address my, Wouter or Adam request in your last update), so it gives me even more concerns that this campaign is a scam and needs to be reported to Kickstarter admins.
@Kyle, where are you basing your comment on? Nobody is expecting the product to be finished, nobody is expecting it to be delivered tight now. The only thing that most people that comment ask for is WHO are the people in what you call "small team" with "small budget". No name, no "About us", no "Who are we". It all sounds very shady right now. And yes, I should have checked sooner, but when I pledged as one of the earlier ones, I was expecting that to be added, forgot to check out before end of campaign. Kyle, Show me a successful project that has ZERO information on who the creator is and who we are dealing with.
People here need to remember that when you put your money into a project, you're helping the creator bring that project to life, mostly from the ground up and that they are all fairly new to the business of creating whatever their item is.
Kickstarter isn't a store where you browse the items and purchase it and then wait for it to be delivered. This is a place where you can see what other people's ideas are and if you like it, you can help them bring it to reality.
Right now you're getting to see all of the issues that happens when creating a product almost from scratch and you're experiencing all of the stresses that come with it.
Those of you that keep commenting on here as if you've bought a finished product really need to reassess what this website is for. This isn't the Apple Store where they have endless amounts of money and hundreds, even thousands of highly intelligent people they can throw at a problem. This is a small team, with a small budget and limited margin for error.
@Kyle, because most project, if not all others I have followed, have an "about us" and "who we are" page.
Lol what is with all of the negativity and hostility? I've backed loads of projects now, and have never had any issues to date. Like any of the other startups we are relying on blind faith, but I've got no doubt that this team will exceed our expectations as all of the other startups that we help fund.
There are more ways to get money back after pledge has ended. Will withdraw funds through CC this Sunday if we have no "about us" and some background info on the person (and specially a name).
If wanted can point out the info you need to have to do so. Why is it so hard to get some personal info out? Is it to protect identity after you have made a run with our money and say "project failed, sorry all, thanks for the money"?
John B
It would not be too much to ask to name a name - of a person involved with, creating, or furthering this project. I've backed many dozen projects on KS, and there's always a person.
Why the veil of secrecy?
Patrick Neill
Congratulations on the successful campaign. Just wondering if the queen blanket is still going to be an option, perhaps when the survey comes out? All the best, very excited to get my hands on these blankets!
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7, 15, 20, 24 lbs.
Velvet, Cotton
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