Zen Blanket is the secret to a better sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, it might be worth investing in a weighted blanket. Deep pressure stimulation is known to help you relax and enjoy a better sleep.

Zen Blanket is the secret to a better sleep

In today’s crazy world, working from dawn until dusk is a badge of honor. Those people who can operate like machines are the rockstars of this century. But in the long run, all-night report writing isn’t a sustainable routine. Sleep deprivation can be the cause of bad moods and poor productivity. It’s also linked with serious health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. The weighted Zen Blanket could help you escape this vicious cycle. The blanket applies subtle pressure to soothe your racing mind, meaning you can relax and enjoy a better sleep.

Relax and recuperate

There are countless methods of fighting insomnia. There is no single cure, but some remedies certainly improve your chances of getting a decent kip.

Deep touch pressure (DTP) therapy was originally a technique for comforting people with autism and ADHD. It’s based on the idea that light pressure can distract the mind from sensory overload. In recent times, the same technique has entered the mainstream via weighted blankets.

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Zen Blanket hopes to use deep pressure therapy to help us all sleep better at night. The weighted duvet offers the same embrace as a warm hug, along with all the associated fuzzy feelings. It’s difficult to imagine better conditions for sleeping.

better sleep 05

Warm hug

Better sleep

First and foremost, the Zen Blanket feels really luxurious. Made from 100% natural cotton, the blanket has a velvety smooth finish. The material is also very breathable and easy to wash.

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Soft as a puppy

The blanket actually comes in four different weights. Expert therapists recommend that such blankets should be equal to around 10% of your body weight. When you order your Zen Blanket, you simply select the version that is closest to one tenth of your mass.

Along with the different weights, there are two colors to choose from: Midnight Blue and Moon Gray. Both styles are aesthetically pleasing.

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Midnight Blue

Scientific questions

The folks behind Zen Blanket set great store by the stress-relieving qualities of their product.

While there is some scientific evidence to support their claims, most studies have been small and inconclusive. That doesn’t necessarily mean that weighted blankets cannot be effective — but it’s worth noting that such products are definitely still in the realms of alternative therapy.

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Worth a try

In terms of anecdotal evidence, many people report improved sleep under weighted bedding. If you want to give it a try, Zen Blanket is an affordable yet luxurious option.

“With its unique health benefits, luxury design and ultra-soft feel, Zen Blanket is the best blanket you will ever experience. Sleep like a true king/queen — at a price you can afford.” — Zen Blanket on Kickstarter

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A good start to the day

What we like

This blanket combines soft material, great design and an innovative idea. For folks who really struggle to sleep, it could be a massive help.

Things to note

While it may be tempting to grab the heaviest version, we would strongly advise you to stick with the 10% rule. This will offer the best results, and the 24-pound version could even be dangerous for kids.


– Kickstarter: Until May 10th

– Pledge: $148 USD

– Delivery: September 2018

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