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Multifunctional Light Connected Light Bulb by Sony

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2016-01-21

Connect your home through your lights with the Multifunctional Light by Sony, a connected light bulb. Providing light with LED technology by Toshiba, this light can perform many of your daily tasks for you. Connecting to Wi-Fi and your device, the Multifunctional Light can sync with other devices such as turning on other smart lights or even the TV when you enter the room. But this light is smarter than just linking gadgets. It has a built in alarm and intercom system, temperature and humidity sensors, an infrared controller, a memory card slot, speaker, microphone, and more. Of course, you can adjust the brightness and dim the light just like an ordinary smart light bulb. But Sony has taken a huge leap forward with the Multifunctional Light to automate your home to an even higher standard.

Overview & Specs
Dimensions :
660mm (diameter) x 95mm (height)
Mass :
3.9kg below
Type :
Solid White, Transparent White
Discovered on:
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