Waylens – A Data Driven Automotive Camera System

$299 USD
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Capture and share the most exhilarating moments of your drive with Waylens, a data drive automotive camera system. Enabled with a Bluetooth connecting working directly with your car’s computer, this smart camera uses multiple sensors to detect and record interesting moments from your drive. Giving you feedback about data under the hood and on the road, such as RPM, MPH, and more, the camera and app are intelligent enough to sift through data and identify excitement such as fastest 0 to 60 or highest G-force. The sleek and modern high performance camera attaches to your windshield and suits and interior design. Available in black, white, or red, you can capture, edit, and share exciting content both from the app and with the steering wheel remote. Whether you’re off-roading for the day or simply testing your car’s abilities, the Waylens is the perfect way to capture it all.

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