Wooden comb

$20 USD
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Modern gentlemen can now use a sophisticated everyday accessory in the form of this stylish Wooden comb. The purpose of this comb is not just for your head hair but also for your beard and moustache. That makes it a 3-in-1 design which will save space and can easily fit in your pocket while you travel outdoors. These combs are handmade by using a special technology of lamination. By using this technique, the manufacturers are able to make this comb to be extremely thin but a highly firm product. You can use it to handle your tangled hair but without compromising on the breakage of any of the comb’s teeth. They are made from five layers of the highest quality walnut and are hand-glued, polished and waxed with natural beeswax for that perfect finish. Luxury and quality at the same time.

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