30 Cool gadgets for your workspace

Why settle for a grim and boring workspace? Rather than loathe your 9-to-5 every day, fill your workspace with things that inspire you and help make your workflow more efficient than ever. Isn’t it time you upgraded?

30 Cool gadgets for your workspace
  • Which work desks can improve productivity? Out with the cubicle and in with the modern. Work desks are just like any other tool in your arsenal of work gadget and devices: the better your desk, the better your performance at work.
  • Are there any chairs to keep me comfy all day at work? You might be thinking that as long as a desk chair swivels and reclines a bit then it’s great. However, having a more ergonomic chair offers the support your body needs so you can stay focused no matter how long you’re at work.
  • Where can I find more office gadgets? Check out our category here for amazing office gadgets to simplify and enhance your work life.

The way most workspaces are depicted in shows and movies is that they’re these expansive, boring, window-less offices with the constant buzz of phone conversations and keyboard clacking. Of course, the modern workspace is usually far from this, but that doesn’t mean you like spending your entire day there.

One quick way to improve your every day is to improve the space where you work. These cool gadgets for your workspace are all about improving your efficiency and adding some fun to your space.

Samsung Minimal Space Monitor

Designed to keep your desk looking its best, this device takes up practically no space and is free of messy cables. Essentially, the Space Monitor improves your efficiency by offering more desk space. When you aren’t using it, the monitor simply stores flat against the wall. The Samsung Space Monitor also rotates 360°, allowing you to view it from anywhere in the room.


Optimistic Double-Sided Office Desk Pad

Complete with words of encouragement in the bottom right corner, this desk pad is a great way to protect your desk. The Desk Pad uses quality PU leather to provide a better surface for your tasks. In addition, its large size has space for your laptop, mouse, small stationery items, and more. The reversible design means you can spruce up your space and change the design whenever you want, all while protecting your desk underneath.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest upcoming technology but you won’t be able to use it if your router can’t keep up. This Wi-Fi router serves up gigabit internet so you won’t encounter lags with uploading, downloading, or streaming. If you have a home office and deal with glitches during your videoconferences, the Nighthawk can help. With the Nighthawk app, you’ll always know how your router is doing. Never again will you wonder if the problem is with your internet provider, router, or computer.

Thinking Nest Mindfulness Kit

Instead of focusing on your never-ending to-do list, this set of four Thinking Eggs reminds you to stay present. If your New Year’s resolution to stay in the moment has fallen by the wayside, this collection can help. Each Thinking Egg feels soothing in your hand. And they’re made from four different organic compounds: Pinewood, brass metal, lava stone, and howlite stone. Each one offers benefits for a better mental state, giving you a brief yet effective break while you work.

Grovemade Cork Apple Watch Dock

A refreshing take on Apple Watch power systems, this dock uses premium materials and an impressively minimalist design to look good anywhere. Unlike other chargers, the Apple Watch Dock remains impressively thin and flat. As a result, it seamlessly fits in and blends into any space whether it’s your nightstand, side table, or your workspace. Featuring cork and brushed stainless steel, this dock has a slight divot in the center to cradle your smartwatch.

Jabra Speak 510 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone

Whether you work in an office or prefer to galavant the globe, you’ll love the Jabra Speak 510 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone. This speakerphone is compatible with Bluetooth and USB, which means it can work anywhere. If you have your computer with you, it’s easy to plug this portable speakerphone in via USB. If not, you can simply use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to this speakerphone. It offers crystal clear audio quality no matter where you go.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum iMac Monitor Stand Hub

Featuring a two-in-one design, this device elevates and enhances your working area. Designed for your iMac, the Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub features integrated USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C data port. Likewise, it comes with micro SD and SD card slots along with an audio jack, ensuring all the crucial ports are easily accessible. The stand puts your monitor screen at the ideal viewing angle, keeping you comfortable from 9 all the way to 5.

Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet

By using the Moleskine Pen+, this device allows your ideas to form naturally on paper. Likewise, the Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet brings your content to the screen via Adobe Illustrator. You can also save your work to Adobe Creative Cloud to work on or share it later. Additionally, the Pen+ enables you to get creative on paper and watch your drawings on your digital device of choice.

Plugable Mini Docking Station

There are truly never enough outlets nearby, but that changes with Plugable Mini Docking Station. If you have a computer with a compatible USB-C port, this docking station can maximize productivity. It gives you access to more ports than your laptop has, such as HDMI and Ethernet. With these two, you can easily connect without thinking twice.

Grovemade Wooden iPhone Docking Station

Featuring a solid base, this desk accessory uses micro-suction to stick to smooth surfaces. Likewise, the Wooden iPhone Docking Station comes with your choice of anodized aluminum or solid brass for the base, depending on the model. The weighted base makes it easy to dock your phone with just one hand.

60C USB-C Universal Laptop Adapter

This universal power adaptor is so small that it can easily fit in any spot. It’s just the size of a shot glass, so you won’t have to unplug other devices from your power strip or wall outlet. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight—put it in your pocket and you’ll hardly notice it’s there. It’s a powerful laptop charger that can bring your MacBook up to full battery in just an hour and a half. This universal adapter is the perfect device to charge your smartphone, power bank, game system, tablet, or laptop.

Mouzen™ Beautiful Ergonomic Armrest

Combining ergonomic research with world-class engineering, this armrest doesn’t look anything like an armrest and for good reason. Challenging the status quo of cumbersome and unsupportive armrests, Mouzen™ is optimally designed to place your hand and arm where you need while reducing shoulder tension. Installing in just six seconds with a single-mechanism lock clamp, Mouzen™ uses the ErgoFlow mechanism to allow you to move freely with total support.

Silk Cable Wrangler Magnetic Cord Organizer

Tired of having a messy desk> Enter the Silk Cable Wrangler Magnetic Cord Organizer. This palm-sized product sits unobtrusively on your desk, nightstand, or wherever you keep your charging cables. You’ll no longer have to search around on the ground and under furniture for the cord you need. Instead, simply place the end of the cable on this magnetic cable manager to keep it easily within reach at all times.

Dreamfarm Gripet Magnetic Note Holder

Featuring a magnetic design, this device holds onto any paper you push into it. Gripet releases the paper with ease once you start to pull it out. Simply push the note into the holder for it to stay and pull it when you want to remove it. In addition, the quick grip and release system enable you to insert and remove up to 3mm of notes.

UPERGO Standing Desk Converter

Change the way you work whenever you want with the UPERGO Standing Desk Converter. This adjustable system rests on your existing work desk, enabling you to switch from sitting to standing in seconds. Similarly, the UPERGO Standing Desk Converter easily adjusts from 2.2 to 16.9 inches, allowing you to choose your ideal height. Made from aluminum, the sturdy desktop riser can hold up to 25 pounds.

Moshi Symbus Q Wireless Charging USB-C Dock

Utilizing Q-coil technology, this device wirelessly charges your smartphone quickly and efficiently. The Symbus Q is capable of charging through phone cases up to 5mm thick. Complete with Qi certification, the USB-C hub supports Samsung’s 9W as well as Apple’s 7.5W fast charging. Aside from wirelessly charging your devices, it also connects your USB-C laptop or MacBook to wired internet or an HDMI monitor.

SureCall Flare Cell Phone Signal Booster

Compatible with all US cell carriers, this SureCall Flare improves cell signal in your office, home, cabin or small building. And, Flare works in spaces up to 2,500 square feet. It features a powerful signal booster to double cell signal, boosting power to provide reliable text, call, and 4G LTE data coverage. Featuring an integrated indoor omnidirectional antenna, Flare increases the signal strength of multiple users at the same time.

iStorage diskAshur DT2 Encrypted Desktop Hard Drive

Hardware encrypted, this device requires a PIN to access its content. The diskAshur DT2 is incredibly secure and easy to use. The simple keypad design also makes it easy to access your content using a seven to 15-digit PIN. The portable design of the encrypted desktop hard drive connects to your device via USB 3.1.

LumiCharge II Multifunctional Smart LED Lamp

Offering a fully dimmable LED light source complete with a motion sensor, you can also choose between white, soft white and soft yellow light color options. But, this clever desk lamp is more than meets the eye. At the base is a convenient charging area for your smartphone. This all-new design features easy Qi wireless charging. Or, you can use the built-in dial which easily rotates to reveal the charger you need for your device.

Satechi Aluminum Slim Wireless Keyboard

Using Bluetooth connectivity, this device easily connects to your computer to provide a full numerical keypad and QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, the Aluminum Slim Wireless Keyboard offers a range of up to 10 meters, allowing your keyboard to move wherever you do. With its sleek, streamlined design, the keyboard also complements your Mac devices and other accessories. You can also sync the keyboard with up for four devices such as your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand

Packed flat, the Posto requires simple one-time assembly. Once assembled, Posto will keep desks nice and tidy for a more efficient workspace. Posto is available in black and white to fit in anywhere. Despite its ultra-small footprint, it lifts your headphones clean off your desk and into a safe and secure position. There’s also the silicone headrest which conforms to the shape of your headphones to keep them in good form.

Just Mobile UpStand iPad Desktop Stand

With its high-style design, this accessory holds your iPad up for convenient and comfortable viewing. Made from aluminum, UpStand comes with supporting grips that have a rubber finish. Likewise, the rubber supporting grips keep your iPad in place without affecting your device. Compatible with all iPad models, the iPad desktop stand also works with most iPad cases so you don’t even have to remove it.

Block Steel Magazine Rack

Made from one piece of steel, this accessory has a cube shape that effortlessly holds your magazines, files, paperwork, and more in place. Additionally, the Block Steel Magazine Rack holds up to eight magazines without wasting valuable space. In fact, the steel rack measures just 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It also keeps your creative materials close by for quick and easy access. Available in several colors, the magazine rack livens up any desktop or floor space.

STEALTHO Transforming Desk Organizer

This office storage accessory set comes with everything you need to maintain a neat workspace. Featuring a modular design, STEALTHO combines the essential devices for work so you can become more efficient. It boasts twelve features in one, including a writing board, copy holder, sticky notes stand, pen holder, and business card holder. In addition, it doubles as a transformer, USB-C hub, wireless charger, and even a coaster.

Lenovo ThinkVision M14 Portable USB-C Monitor

Resembling a large laptop or tablet display, this device extends your screen size instantly. With its 14-inch Full HD display, the ThinkVision M14 offers 300 nits of brightness. Additionally, connecting the monitor to your computer is simple via USB-C. In terms of color performance, the portable USB-C monitor has low blue light emission and 72% NTSC. Only 4.6mm thick, the monitor is purely all screen.

Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip

Featuring a unique cube shape, this power system offers three AC outlets and three high-speed USB charging ports while saving space. Utilizing PowerIQ smart charging technology, PowerPort Cube detects connected devices and automatically adjusts voltage output to provide a high-speed charge. Additionally, the cube uses a thick power cable coated in rubber for optimal safety. Likewise, the fire-retardant casing, surge, and overload protection offer all-around safety.

Aukey CB-C72 Compact USB Type-C Hub

This device converts a single USB-port into a 4K HDMI port, SD card slot, micro SD card slot and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. The Compact USB Type-C Hub makes it easy to connect older devices to your USB-C laptop for display expansion and data transfer. In addition, the HDMI port offers resolutions to up to 4K@30Hz to the display you use.

Amber Smart Storage Platform

Featuring an all-in-one design, this device makes it easy to store your files locally and access them remotely. Easy to set up, Amber eliminates the headache of compromising clouds and complex solutions. Offering a secure all-in-one platform, Amber allows you to backup, share, and stream as you please. In addition, the smart storage platform provides a faster and safer way to store your digital photos, videos, and files both online and offline.

IQAir Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier

Featuring a sophisticated yet easy to use design, this revolutionary device puts you in complete control of the air around you. The Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier comes with sensors that respond to your touch, causing it to turn on and off. Likewise, you can simply touch it to change fan speeds. The app lets you change settings remotely and even customize settings. Utilizing IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration technology, the device filters air to the 0.003-micron level, which is smaller than the majority of viruses.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

Featuring an adhesive design, this computer accessory gives you the freedom to move and position your laptop just as you need it. MOFT is barely noticeable on your laptop. You cannot see it when it’s attached and you won’t feel it when working on it. Plus, you won’t even notice it while you’re carrying your laptop. Compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches, MOFT holds up to 18 lbs. At just over two ounces, this laptop stand is incredibly lightweight.

Which one of these do you like the most? Share with us in the comments below.

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