5 Work desks to jumpstart your productivity

Out with the cubicle and in with the modern. Work desks are just like any other tool in your arsenal of work gadget and devices. The better your desk, the better your performance at work.

5 Work desks to jumpstart your productivity
  • Which accessories can help with productivity? In an age where remote workers are growing exponentially over the years, having a productive work area is a must. With these desk accessories and gadgets, working from home can be fun and productive.
  • What are the best work chairs? You might be thinking that as long as a desk chair swivels and reclines a bit then it’s great. However, having a more ergonomic chair offers the support your body needs so you can stay focused no matter how long you’re at work.
  • How can be more efficient and productive at work? Here are some of our tips for being more efficient and productive.

There are plenty of life hacks, tips, and tricks to improving your productivity. Perhaps you follow the Pomodoro Technique with well-timed yet frequent breaks. Perhaps you have a motivating playlist you pump for the soundtrack to your workday.

Even with all the tips and tricks in the world, the work desk you choose can have a surprisingly profound effect on your efficiency. Check out these desks that are sure to jumpstart your productivity.

De-sk Modular Desk System

This work desk is easy to rearrange and move according to your needs. Featuring a mix and match design, De-sk allows you to reorganize slats whenever and however you want, without the need for any tools. You can also order more slats when needed to change the layout or size of your desk. Designed to cater to any workspace, you can use De-sk to create a single desk, a bank of desks, and more.

De-sk Modular Desk System

De-sk Modular Desk System

GAZEDESK Flexible Standing Workstation

Compatible with any existing worktop, this height adjustable desk gives you total customization. With a touch of a button, the GAZEDESK Workstation lifts your display up to 21.65 inches, making it perfect to go from sitting to standing. At the base is an organizing tray to keep your smartphone or tablet upright and visible at all times.

Artifox Desk 02

Giving you the ultimate minimalist style, this desk is also outfitted with loads of conveniences to make any workday seem a lot easier. There’s a built-in dock for all of your devices while the integrated cable grid allows you to organize and manage all of your charging, data, and power cables. On the right are built-in pegs so you can keep your accessories at a comfortable yet convenient distance.

Rebel Treadmill and Desk Combination

Including a height adjustable desk and a treadmill with different speeds, this workspace lets you easily power through your workday and workout. The Rebel Up 2000 desk has a large top surface for your computer and documents as well as a sliding tray underneath for your keyboard and mouse.

NookDesk Adjustable Height Standing Desks

Featuring a user-centric design, these work desks make it easy to stand while you work whenever you feel like it. Simply press a button for NookDesk to rush to your selections of 200 different standing and sitting positions. NookDesk even moves at an impressive 1.5 inches per second. With a maximum height of 50 inches, NookDesk works for everyone.

NookDesk Adjustable Height Standing Desks

NookDesk Adjustable Height Standing Desks

Which of these desks would make you more productive? Share with us in the comments below.

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