9 futuristic home gadgets that will simply blow your mind

When was the last time you got a smart gadget for your home? Apparently, home automation device sales are on the rise! People seem to be adapting to technology inside the house more than ever. And, with these gadgets we've got in our roundup, you're going to love going for a techspirational makeover for your home soon!

9 futuristic home gadgets that will simply blow your mind
  • Is it wise to get an advanced personal robot? With artificial intelligence taking over, personal robots are getting better by the day. Take the Misty II for example.
  • Is home media getting smarter? Absolutely! If you’ve had the opportunity to check out the Google I/O 2018 announcements, the JBL Link Bar is the latest in this category because it comes with the power of Google Assistant.
  • Can you make your home smarter for under $500? Yes, you can. Our guide will help you build the perfect setup.

First things first — smart home gadgets aren’t necessarily about home security alone. Yes, we see a lot of fancy smart door locks and cameras taking over this market, but there’s another side to this industry that is somewhat untapped yet useful. From your dishwasher to your doormat, every single thing that exists in your house now has a smarter version. So, what do these smart home gadgets of the future look like?

Are personal robots friendly enough?

Well, if you have something like Jibo or Kuri, your life around smart gadgets will be sorted. These friendly little robots aren’t really as human-like as Sophia, but they provide a good way of connecting with the digital world around your home.

Equipped with brilliant technology, this robot interacts with your family with natural ease. In addition to jokes and quips, Jibo can provide news, traffic, or weather updates.

Kuri has a delightful personality. This robot brings a unique spark of life to your home. Saying “Hey, Kuri” enables her to respond to a variety of voice commands thanks to a four-microphone system.

How cool can smart home security cameras be?

We know that smart home security cameras have made a big difference to personal security. But, why do they always have to look the same? It would be nice to see a little personality from time to time. That’s why we have a special liking for Ulo. This security cam looks like an owl and is quite hard to identify unless the burglar is a gadget freak like us!

Ulo Home Security Camera

Ulo Home Security Camera

What do the modern home decor frames look like?

Let’s face it – if you’ve got to survive in a digital-friendly world, it’s time you acquired some smart frames to showcase all of your Instagram pictures as well as your digital art. We’ve got a solution for both.

While Loop connects to all of your sources of photos and videos, and organizes them into a modern photo frame, the Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects is about channeling your inner digital art craze.

Can smart home gadgets do your laundry for you?

Yes, but unfortunately with a hefty price tag. If you’re ready to spend your money on a laundry bot, here are a few to consider.

Tersa Steam

This all-in-one clothing care system has a 10-minute cycle for keeping everything fresh. Using all-natural distilled water and plant minerals, it de-wrinkles, deodorizes, and dries your clothes.


With a stunning design and a sleek mirrored finish, Laundroid looks great in most homes. But what is more important than its appearance is what the Laundroid can do. (However, the price of this one is $16,000 USD)

Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

What’s the next upgrade for your living room table?

Let’s find something versatile enough to serve all of your needs. Introducing Sobro — this modern table comes with a refrigerator drawer to store and chill your beverages. From water to beer, your drinks will always be ready for game time.

How to make your home even smarter?

Coming to our final segment, let’s speak about controllers. They make it so easy for you to go about your everyday home automation tasks at once. Replacing your light switch, the Brilliant Control Smart Home Hub gives you instant access to your smart home appliances. This includes your thermostat, speakers, lights, and more. In addition, it features Amazon Alexa.

We also have Knocki. This gadget offers simple and intuitive control right where you need it. In fact, it’s time for technology to feel as natural as the surfaces around us. Say hello to Knocki– a beautiful connected device that makes any surface smart instantly.

Knocki Surface Control System

Knocki Surface Control System

These gadgets look different and have features that make our home so unbelievably smart. Do you have more to add to this list? Share with us in the comments below.

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