Aer Duffel Carries Everything You Need.. Except Smell

Aer Duffel Carries Everything You Need.. Except Smell

It’s still the beginning of 2015. You’re sticking to your resolutions, which means hitting the gym a few times a week. Each gym day you’re lugging your laptop bag, possibly a purse (ladies…), and a gym bag to and fro the office, your house, and the dreaded gym. You refuse to change this three-bag routine because you can’t stand the idea of putting gross running shoes in the same bag as your laptop. Aer Duffel has a new solution to simplify the way we carry things – regardless of how gross our shoes are.

What makes the Aer Duffel extraordinary is rather simple. The founders came up with the idea when trying to find a bag to suit all their needs. They made a list of an array of features they needed but couldn’t find in one product. Enter Aer Duffel Pack. The designers at Aer have produced an ingenious duffle pack, a combination of a duffle bag and a backpack, that will change the way we commute. It’s a fully functional gym bag (or work bag, or airplane bag, or anything bag) that is aesthetically pleasing for any modern city or wardrobe.

Aer Duffel with contents

At first glance, Aer Duffel looks a bit like a futuristic backpack, which, in a sense, it is. Coming in an all-over black ballistic nylon exterior, each part of this bag is made to serve your lifestyle. From the comfortable thick straps to the generously padded tablet and laptop (up to 15”) pockets, the bag really does it all.

Aer Duffel side pocket

You’ll first notice that the waterproof zipper, against its traditional placement, goes down the front of the bag. This allows you to have access to all the nooks and crannies rather than rummaging around blindly looking for your pen. Speaking of small items, special compartments are strategically placed on the bag. You’ll always have a place for your necessary items whether it’s a phone, passport, train tickets, or a trusty pen.

Aer Duffel shoe pocket

The absolute coolest feature of the Aer Duffel is the shoe compartment. It’s a specially designed ventilated pocket to make sure your stinky gym shoes never touch anything other than your socks. The pocket is lined with water resistant polyester and ventilation spaces to reduce odours. The pocket can handle shoes up to men’s size 13. Additionally, Aer Duffel has spacer mesh back padding for comfort and breathability. No more excuses for not going to the gym before work.

Aer Duffel as a duffle

The Aer Duffel is not just any bag; it’s a duffle and a backpack. There are handles placed both at the top, like a standard backpack, and on the side to be held like a duffle bag. It’s ideal for traveling and commuting no matter what your style. It’s 20 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 7 inches deep (50.8×30.5×17.8 cm) which is less than the airline regulations.

As point out, Aer Duffel is a highly functioning gym bag. However, it will be interesting to see just how many people use it for its intended purpose of being an everything-bag. Paula Blaj of notes that the sleek design allows Aer Duffel to be acceptable in the workplace just as much as the gym which is crucial.

Aer Duffel originally started on Kickstarter ending their drive in August 2014 with more than $111k raised of their $45k goal as well as selling out of their first batch of bags. The second round are due to ship out at the end of March and can be pre-ordered for $149 (£98).

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