9 Affordable smart lights that brighten up your home

There's nothing like getting all cozy in bed and realizing you forgot to turn off the hall light. Or getting halfway to the office and wondering if you turned off the bathroom switch. But, if you start using smart lights, you won't have to get out of bed or replace a burned-out bulb when you get home from work. And don't you love controlling things with the sound of your voice?

9 Affordable smart lights that brighten up your home
Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Home Light Setup

We know you’re probably spending more time at home these days due to increasing lockdowns, shutdowns, and guidance to stay inside. And, if you’re like us, you’re tired of flipping switches all day long as you go from your desk to your kitchen to your bathroom. With smart lights, you can stop hitting those switches once and for all. Just speak to turn them on and off. Then, you’ll feel like the king or queen of your castle.

Beyond making you the all-powerful master of your home’s lighting, these affordable smart lights ensure you don’t waste electricity. And you won’t even have to walk around in the dark anymore. Cozy up on the couch to watch a movie and then turn off the living room light rather than fumbling in the darkness to find your seat. All you have to do is use your phone to turn them on and off—we know it’s always in your pocket.

And we’re not going to encourage you to break the bank, either. Not during COVID-19, no way. We’ve focused on a necessary smart home gadget—lights—that all come in at fewer than $60. So get out your wallet, because you’re going to want to try one of these intelligent bulbs in your house.

PLAYBULB Candle Pro Smart Bluetooth Light

The PLAYBULB Candle Pro Smart Bluetooth Light provides the benefit of a candle without the fire hazard. It has a sensor on top that turns it on or off when you blow on it. Furthermore, it supports special effects like flickering, fading, flashing, and pulsing. Additionally, this compact smart light works with an app that has nearly 17 million color choices. To randomly change the color of the flameless candle, shake your phone when the app is open or gently tap the smart light. Set the ideal atmosphere for any situation, creating a warm, candle-like feeling without the flame.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb

The Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulbhelps make your home more energy-efficient. This Wi-Fi bulb not only uses LEDs but also intelligently manages your lighting use. Keep track of this smart light bulb from the connected SmartThings app, so it’ll turn on in the kitchen at a specific time in the morning. Or have all the lights in your home turn off at a designated time in the evening rather than walking around your house flicking switches. You can even use voice control through Bixby, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb

The Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb is on a wood table.

Wyze Bulb LED Wi-Fi Light

You’ll be able to protect your home with the Wyze Bulb LED Wi-Fi Light. This LED bulb can go on vacation mode to make it look like someone’s home even while you’re away. And, this way, you won’t have to leave your lights on the whole time—or risk people thinking you’re out of town. Additionally, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to change the color temperature and brightness. In fact, this dimmable bulb provides both bright, cool white light and warm, soft light.

C by GE Full Color LED Light Strip

The C by GE Full Color LED Light Striphas a peel-and-stick adhesive, so it’s easy to place anywhere and cut to any length. Even connect multiple LED light strips together up to a maximum length of 32 feet. Set a schedule and control them whether you’re at home or away. All you need to manage them from outside your home is Google Assistant, a C by GE smart plug, or the C-Reach smart bridge. And just use voice control through Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

C by GE Color LED Light Strip

A kitchen has the C by GE Color LED Light Strips emitting red light.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Warm Amber Light

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Warm Amber Light is a 40-watt and 400-lumen warm amber bulb that produces a vintage feel with its amber-brown glow. Moreover, because it’s a dimmable bulb, it allows you to brighten up your space or set it low for a romantic ambiance. Additionally, it connects to a smartphone app on iOS and Android devices, and it even responds to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

C by GE Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Change the mood of any room in an instant with the C by GE Color Changing Smart Bulbs. Featuring a hubless design, this Bluetooth device Bluetooth responds to your smartphone. You can also control them remotely using Google Assistant whether you’re at home or away. Or use the app to set custom routines and schedules. With multicolor and adjustable white options, they’re ideal for any space and event, and they’re suitable for daily use as well as entertainment.

zLight Smart Lighting Sleep System

Struggling to sleep? The zLight Smart Lighting Sleep System responds to your predetermined schedule, letting you know when it’s time to wake. And it remains dark until it’s time to get up—at that point, it emits a soft glow to alert you. Doubling as a wireless charger for up to three devices at once, it also has built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, and CO2. If something’s off, the app alerts you. With an audio system for calming wake-up sounds, the zLight comes in three beautiful finishes to match your bedroom.

Smart Echo Flex Night Light

Make sure you always see where you’re stepping with the Smart Echo Flex Night Light. Simply plug this wall outlet night light in, and then you’ll have an easy way to see where you’re going. Alexa will immediately discover it, giving you instant control. If you need a slightly brighter light, simply ask Alexa because it can reach 20 lumens. With six LEDs built into it, this light ensures you don’t miss a step or trip over the dog at night.

Google Smart Light Starter Kit

The Google Smart Light Starter Kit responds when you tell Google to turn on the lights, thanks to Google Assistant integration. The hands-free voice-activated feature makes it easy to switch on lights when your hands are full. Including a Google Home Mini and GE C-Life Smart Bulb, the kit connects to your home when you screw the bulb in the same room as your Google Home Mini. Manually turn on the lights before plugging in your Home Mini, download the app, pair the smart bulbs, and get going.

Google Smart Light Starter Kit

A lamp has the Google Smart Light Starter Kit bulb in it.

Install any of these gadgets easily by screwing them in or plugging them into an outlet. Then light your way to the kitchen for that midnight snack, without stubbing your toe this time. And let us know in the comments which one you’re using to make your home a little bit smarter.

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