Smart lamp vs. smart light switch – which one should you buy?

It’s clear that smart lighting will soon become the norm in our homes. But should you upgrade with a smart lamp, a smart light switch, or a smart bulb? We decided to take a look at the options and find the latest tech.

Smart lamp vs. smart light switch – which one should you buy?
  • What is smart lighting? It’s any form of home lighting that has some level of connectivity, allowing wireless control, scheduling and automation.
  • Can smart lighting save you money? Yes, actually. Motion-sensing lights will turn off when you leave the room, saving energy.
  • What are the benefits of owning a smart lamp? These devices offer an easy entry to smart lighting, and many use different colors to help you relax.

As prices fall and the technology improves, many of us will invest in smart lighting over the next few years. For obvious reasons, numerous brands are flooding the market with related products. But which is best for you: a smart lamp or a smart light switch? Or something else? Here’s a look at the options.

Smart lamp vs smart light switch

Smart lamp vs. smart light switch - which one should you buy?

Smart lamp or smart light switch?

These two products seem very different on paper, but they can fulfil similar roles.

As the name suggests, a smart lamp is a standalone light. Most smart lamps can be controlled through an app. Some allow you to change the color and intensity of the light at will, or even schedule such transitions.

Smart lamp vs. smart light switch - which one should you buy?

Smart lamps are easy to set up

A smart light switch offers many of the same features — they are just delivered in a very different way. Such devices replace your standard switches, allowing you to turn on the lights through physical controls or via your smartphone.

Smart lamp vs. smart light switch - which one should you buy?

A smart light switch can cover your entire home

Smart lamps are easier to install, but they only light a limited area. In contrast, smart light switches can make your entire home smart.

Don’t forget there are smart light bulbs, too. These operate a bit like smart lamps, except they can be installed in any standard light fitting. For many people, this is a good compromise.

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The best smart lamps

Want to dip your toe in smart lighting? Grab one of these lamps:

LumiCharge II Multifunctional Smart LED Lamp

This stylish desk lamp has a motion sensor and 10 levels of light intensity. In addition, the base of LumiCharge II doubles as a wireless charger for your phone.

Price: $69 USD

Philips Hue Wellner Dimmable Smart LED Table Lamp

Wellner delivers the equivalent of a 60W bulb, and you can control the light via Siri, Google, or Alexa. You can also control brightness via the companion app.

Price: $89.94 USD

Elfy Smart Connected Lamp

With cute eyes and a warm glow, Elfy is probably the most adorable lamp ever made. It’s completely portable, with seven light colors available and auto on/off for sleeping.

Price: $54.99 USD

The best smart light switches

Upgrade your whole home with these smart switches:

Orro Smart Light Switch

Orro is more than a switch. This device is able to sense your presence in the room and adjust the lighting accordingly. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google.

Price: $199 USD

Belkin Wemo Smart Light Switch 3-Way Wi-Fi Switch

This innovative switch lets you control up to three lighting set-ups via Wi-Fi. Through the companion app, you can set lighting schedules.

Price: $49.99 USD

ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch

With daylight and motion sensors, Switch+ knows exactly when to turn the lights on. It also has Alexa built in, meaning you have full voice control.

Price: $79 USD

Smart lighting options

Have you installed smart lighting in your home? Share your experience in the comments!

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