Google I/O 2019 Highlights – Pixel 3a, Nest Hub Max, Android Q, and more

Google kicked off their I/O event with an inspiring and info-packed keynote. With experts from across the brand, we learned about their latest technology, how it’s changing the world, and some incredible new products.

Google I/O 2019 Highlights – Pixel 3a, Nest Hub Max, Android Q, and more
  • Where was the Google I/O 2019 held? I/O 2019 is being held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.
  • How long is I/O 2019? It’s a 3-day long event which begins today with the Google and Developer keynote followed by discussion panels and so much more.
  • What were some of the biggest announcement Google made this year? We’d say the Pixel 3a and Android Q were definitely the highlights of this keynote. Keep reading to find out why.

Google is at it again with their I/O 2019 event. Kicking off today, they started out by wowing the audience with their even smarter smart assistant. The keynote was filled with powerfully relatable real-time demonstrations, linguistic innovation, and plenty of tech details.

Fun Fact: Google I/O attendees get to experience AR for nearby navigation by using the Google I/O app at the venue.

Okay, Google. Let’s begin.

Google I/O 2019 shows where the future of AI is headed

Google I/O 2019 shows where the future of AI is headed

Google Search

– Full coverage comes to Search to make use of machine learning and give you a complete picture of how a particular story has been published across the web.

Full coverage comes to Google Search

Full coverage comes to Search

– Podcasts will be indexed not just based on the title but also on the content and you will able to play or save for later directly from Search.

– Camera comes to Google Search so that you can make use of 3D vision while looking for information via search and understand it’s scale in AR.

Make use of 3D vision in Google Search

Make use of 3D vision in Google Search

– Google Lens will help you learn more about what you see by simply pointing your camera at that specific thing.

Learn more about what you see with Google Lens

Learn more about what you see with Google Lens

Google Duplex on the Web

– It now expands to tasks on the web such as rental car bookings or movie ticketing.

– The Assistant will now act on your behalf and do your reservations faster, thereby helping you save more time.

Google Assistant

– Answers will now be delivered 10X faster than before.

– From taking selfies to looking for images with specific features, Assistant can do it all in seconds.

– It can handle complex speech scenarios such as sending an email with even better accuracy.

– It will be coming to the new Pixel phones later this year.

Picks for You: This feature helps the Assistant become more personal with your queries on podcasts, food, and events on the smart displays.

Google Assistant's driving mode gets even better

Google Assistant gets even better

Assistant’s Driving Mode: Get the most relevant activities front and center that won’t affect your driving focus but will instead refer shortcuts while navigation. This means you can actually get things done without leaving navigation.

Fun fact: Oh, you can now stop the timers and alarms with a “STOP”. No “Hey Google” needed!

Google Assistant and its future

Google Assistant and its future

Live Caption

– All content, no matter it’s the origin, accessible to everyone.

– With one click, you can start transcripts on a video, podcasts and more.

Live Relay: By using Smart Compose and Smart Reply, people who are deaf or have speech disorders, still answer calls fluently.

Project Euphonia: To make speech recognition more easily accessible to people with speech disorders.

Android Version 10 – Q

– Today there are over 2.5B active Android devices.

– Q maximizes the way you can use screen continuity on foldable phones.

Put full screen to use with Android Q on foldable phones

Put full screen to use with Android Q on foldable phones

– Android Q supports 5G natively.

– Live Caption in Q takes audio and instantly translates into text.

– Dark Theme is finally coming on Q.

Dark Theme comes to Pixel 3a

Dark Theme comes to Android Q

Google Play Protect: Scans over 50B apps per day to ensure you’re downloading your apps with maximum security and privacy.

– Whether it’s activity, location or ad settings, you will decide what will be turned on/off for you.

Now you can turn your location services to incognito mode

Now you can turn your location services to incognito mode

– Digital wellbeing taken one step further with Focus Mode so that you can turn off the apps that you don’t want to bother you when you’re concentrating on something.

– Q Beta 3 is available on 21 devices plus all Pixel phones.

Nest Hub Max

– Larger 10-inch display for the center of your home.

– The Home View Dashboard will help you do all your smart home activities from one screen.

– It comes with a Nest Cam that will help you access your home even when you’re away.

– You can use Google Duo to chat with any iOS and Android device as well as a PC user.

– Hub Max gives you full access to the camera and nothing will be recorded unless you want it to. The green light indicates when it’s recording any activity.

– There’s a physical switch that detaches it from the microphone.

Face Match: For each person in your family, the Assistant guides you through a process for face matching that is then encrypted in the system for future reference.

– Use it as a great digital photo frame with Google Photos integration.

– You can also use it as the Kitchen TV you’ve always wanted. Stream your favorite live shows and videos with YoutubeTV.

– With the camera, you can just raise your hand to pause your media.

– Available later this summer for just $229.

– Original Nest Hub price lowered to $129.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

– They start at just $399.

– Two-tone look and a smooth finish with an ergonomic unibody design.

– 3-colors: Just black, white and purple.

– Support Bluetooth 5.0 and USB digital audio and there’s also a 3.5mm audio jack.

– Photos will look stunning in any light.

– Pixel’s portrait mode is available on both the front and rear cameras.

– Pixel 3a will finally give you the access to AR in Google Maps.

– The adaptive battery will help you get upto 30 hours on a single charge.

– Enjoy 7 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charge.

– Get 3 years of security updates free of charge including the Android Q.

– Available in 13 markets starting today.

With futuristic AI features and two new hardware devices, Google seems to have stepped forward in making our connected lives easier to access. Which was your favorite announcement from the Google I/O 2019? Share with us in the comments below.

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