Best everyday carry gadgets for when you go back to work

It's coming. The time everyone is dreading—going back to work in the office. Sure, you might be over being quarantined or in lockdown conditions and want things to go back to normal. But that "normal" probably doesn't include going back to work. For many of us, the break has been stressful but also strangely ... nice? We don't have to tell you weird things are happening in our heads. You already know. When you prep to start commuting again, make sure you have the best everyday carry gadgets to make it easier.

Best everyday carry gadgets for when you go back to work
HygiCard Antimicrobial Card Tool in Golden Color

Here’s the thing. It’s the little things in life that make it better. It’s funny how you can spend a ton of money on that new espresso maker (which, to be fair, is amazing), but when you get something with a hidden compartment or something that allows you to charge your phone or watch anywhere, it’s a big deal. We’ve all spent some time laughing at ourselves over it. And many of us haven’t thought about the little things in life that make it easier to commute since we haven’t had to in a month or more. But that time is coming to an end, and normal business activities are starting to resume for a lot of people. You know what’s going to help you get back in the commute saddle? All of these best everyday carry gadgets.

You’ll be amazed at how functional these are and how easy they’ll make some of your daily chores. Because you’re not going to want to touch everything or use those community office coffee cups anymore. You’ll want a better solution. And we have it. We found a bunch of stuff you’re going to love and not want to live without. Since that’s what we do here at Gadget Flow—bring all the best new stuff.

HygiCard Antimicrobial Card Tool

Public. It’s full of germs and bacteria, and there are so many things we have to touch. But the HygiCard Antimicrobial Card Tool can eliminate all of those touchpoints. This EDC brass card allows you to open doors, use it as a stylus, and touch fewer surfaces. Your HygiCard is smaller than a credit card, so it fits in your wallet. Or you can attach it to your keychain to eliminate having to get your wallet out. This brass card features everything you’ll need: a push zone, a pull hook, a touch stylus, a keyring hole, and a bottle opener. You won’t want to leave the house without one.

VESANY Hidden Camera Detector Anti-Spy Cam

Know everything that’s around you with the VESANY Hidden Camera Detector Anti-Spy Cam. This handheld gadget takes just two steps to figure out if there’s a hidden camera where you are by detecting suspicious RF signal sources. Because no one wants to be spied on. Additionally, VESANY features an anti-break-in function. Traveling? All you have to do is hang VESANY from your hotel room doorknob, and the device will pick up motion. Whatever your security concerns, VESANY has them covered with its 2.4Ghz camera, GPS locators, wireless tracking, RF range, and Bluetooth detection.

Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash

Carry emergency cash at all times with the Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash. Featuring a minimal design, this solid metal machined capsule stores your money for on-the-go emergencies. Aside from storing bills, the EDC money stash is also handy for storing your contact details in case your keys get lost. Simply unscrew the container to store your rolled-up note or details. Thanks to the Key Cache, you never have to worry about leaving your wallet at home.

Ekster Compact Smart Key Holder

Keys are a constant source of annoyance. Eliminate that with the Ekster Compact Smart Key Holder. Instead of a mess of jumbled keys in your bag or pocket, you’ll have a sleek, streamlined profile. This handy gadget features connectivity with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri, letting you pinpoint its whereabouts using your smartphone. You’ll also have a built-in LED light, so you won’t have an extra piece of hardware hanging off of your keychain. 

Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler

Easily measure just about anything with the Rollova Digital Rolling Ruler. This incredible ruler can measure a wide range of surfaces, objects, and materials with a single motion. By simply turning, ROLLOVA gives you an extremely accurate measurement right on the screen. You can finally take the guesswork and confusing calculations out of measuring everything from flat surfaces to curved objects and more. The Rollova is also compatible with major units of length. Additionally, the digital OLED screen has a high-contrast ratio, offering brighter display and greater energy efficiency. It’s easy to see why it made our list of best everyday carry gadgets.

Hitch Water Bottle with Hidden Reusable Cup

The Hitch Water Bottle with Hidden Reusable Cup is a full-size, insulated water bottle. And it carries an insulated, reusable cup plus a lid for the mug. It’s a pain to carry around a bottle and a reusable cup, and Hitch solves that problem. When you want to carry both vessels at once, you can lock the cup on top of the bottle for easy one-handed carry. Both vacuum insulated, the bottle and cup offer premium heat and cold retention.

BindBuddy Hands-Free Jacket Holder

We all get tired of lugging our jacket around when we know we will need it later or when we get too hot. The solution? The BindBuddy Hands-Free Jacket Holder. This useful gadget clips right on your bag or backpack and carries your coat for you. What’s even better is that it’s not limited to just jackets. It can carry any soft object up to 2.5 pounds. Don’t want to lug your yoga mat around? Use the BindBuddy. Your child doesn’t want to hold the teddy bear they just had to bring with them to the park? Use the BindBuddy.

Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker

Gone are the days of misplacing your wallet when you have the Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker. The creators of the sought-after tracking chip are back with more convenience than ever. The Chipolo Card looks, well, like a card. And it measures just 2.15mm thick, about three times the thickness of a credit card. However, this card carries with it a special purpose. Inside is technology to let you know the whereabouts of your wallet. Using the app, you simply tap a button to emit a 95dB alert. Or, you can use the Chipolo Card to find your phone.

Big Idea Design Ti EDC Wrench One-Handed Tool

There’s no task you can’t handle when you have the Big Idea Design Ti EDC Wrench One-Handed Tool in your pocket. That’s because this is more than a simple multitool—it’s an adjustable wrench. In fact, this handy tool offers 25 different wrench sizes that you can alternate between. So it’s basically ready to help you tighten or loosen pretty much anything. And because it works with just one hand, you won’t need to drop whatever you’re carrying to use it.

Guaranteed, you saw at least three things on this list of best everyday carry gadgets that will make your life easier when you’re back to being on the go every day. If you didn’t, you must be the most organized person ever, and we bow to your wonderment. For those of us who haven’t reached that level yet, which of these items do you think is going to make your life easier? Let us know!

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